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Transcripts and Student Letters


Before you request a transcript, please check the requirements for the University/Employer etc. you are applying to. They should specify exactly what detail you need. Is it just a statement or do you need more detail, and if so, what detail? Unfortunately it is not yet possible to request a transcript that includes everything.

There are three main types of TSM Transcript:

1. Standard Academic Transcript which is available from Academic Registry.

This is a statement of your grade result in each subject and course overall in each academic year. If requesting after you have completed the SS year it also includes your degree result. Academic Registry is the main provider of TSM transcripts, and the document they provide is usually satisfactory for most uses. Academic Registry is located in the Watts Building. To request a Transcript from AR please complete the request form. Any queries please contact Academic Registry.

2. Subject Module Result Transcript which is available from TSM Departments:

Subject module detail is not included on either the AR or TSM Course Office transcript. If you require this detail, you must request a Subject transcript from both of your departments, and please submit your request well in advance of your application deadline. If you need the transcript to state module credits please request this at the time. A list of departmental webpages is available here.

3. Detailed TSM Course transcript which is available from the TSM Course Office.

This is a transcript showing your percentage and grade in each subject and course overall in each academic year and the degree result. We can also provide degree only transcripts, transcripts with yearly and overall credits, and other specialised transcripts depending on the requirements of the place you are applying to. If you require a TSM Course Office transcript please contact We will check what you need and provide a TSM Course Office web form link for you to complete if necessary.

Please allow at least 10 working days for receipt of your transcript. Please note that requests to Departments and the TSM Course Office during an exam period may take longer as end of year results are our priority at that time.

Student Letters - Academic Registry

Letters of Certification - The Academic Registry Service Desk can provide letters of certification to current students as well as graduates of the College. The following letters can be issued for current students. The Academic Registry Service Desk provides letters of certification of registration to support the following:

  • Bank account application
  • Garda National Immigration Bureau Registration
  • Grant application
  • Immigration Jury service
  • Landlord / Tenancy contracts
  • Social Welfare Visa application
  • Certification of Registration
  • Proof of Address

Students requiring these documents should e-mail their request to providing their name, course of study and student number. Documents may be posted on request, once a postal address is provided. Please note that a standard letter is issued to certify the registration of a student and this letter cannot be altered and amended.

Proof of Registration - my.tcd.ieproof of reg

You can also print your own letter of Proof of Registration from the portal Log on, select 'Register' from the menu on the left hand side. You can choose a letter of Proof of Registration with or without your address. See sample image.




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