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Off-books procedures

A student can be off-books in two ways

  1. Off-books: A student takes a year out and returns in the next academic year to continue their studies. Students must apply to the Senior Lecturer for permission to go off-books. Permission is normally only granted to students in good standing, ie already entitled to join the class above on their return to College.
  2. Off-books exams only: A student does not attend lectures or classes etc but is required to take examinations during the annual examination period. This is usually done in a repeat year where a student has applied to, and been granted permission by, the Senior Lecturer to take this course of action.

Students wishing to apply to go off-books should contact their tutor as soon as their intention is known, please visit the Tutorial website for further information. Please visit the Office of the Vice Provost website for additional information on the off-books procedure

Last updated 31 January 2012 by Two Subject Moderatorship (Email).