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All TSM appeals must be submitted to the TSM Office via your College Tutor (electronically). No appeals will be accepted after the deadline.

Students should discuss their appeal with their tutor who, if appropriate, will present their case in writing using a procedural form to the TSM Court of First Appeal. If unsuccessful, your case may be taken to the Academic Appeals Committee.

If the tutor is unable to act on the students behalf he/she can contact the Senior Tutor in House 27.

There are 3 grounds on which you can take an appeal :
  1. Where a students case is not adequately covered by the ordinary regulations of the College.
  2. The College regulations were not properly applied in the applicant's case.
  3. Ad misericordiam grounds, such as illness, bereavement, serious personal crisis, etc.

Remember that an Appeal cannot change exam results or marks but can change the effect of the results.

The TSM TSM Court of First Appeal Protocol document is available here (PDF).

Last updated 16 May 2017 by Two Subject Moderatorship (Email).