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Festival of Research 2023
Professor Sir John Peebles Arbuthnott BSC, MA, PHD, SCD, M.R.I.A., 1939–2023
Enhanced flavour profiles through radicicol induced genomic variation in the lager yeasts, Saccharomyces pastorianus
2022 Undergraduate Prize In Microbiology
Festival of Research 2022
Return to Work Questionnaire
2021 Undergraduate Prize In Microbiology
Fully funded 4-year PhD position available - Position filled
SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme
Provost’s PhD Project Award 2020-21
Festival of Research 2020-21
Return to Work Questionnaire
Young Microbiologist of the Year
WH Pierce Prize
Trinity College Lone Working Policy and Guidance
School of Genetics and Microbiology Awarded Athena SWAN Bronze Award
Return to Work Protocol
Master of Science - Molecular Microbiology
Congratulations to our Schools Recent Provost PhD Project Awardees
M.Sc. in Genomic Medicine
Celebratory Inaugural Lecture of Professor Charles Dorman
Fermentation innovation through complex hybridization of wild and domesticated yeasts
2019 Undergraduate Prize in Microbiology
Evolutionary Journey and Characterisation of a Novel Pan-Gene Associated with Beer Strains of S. cerevisiae - Vakirlis - - Yeast - Wiley Online Library
Scientists speed up the evolution of yeast to create tastier and healthier alcohol
Genetic code of WWI soldiers cholera mapped
Festival of Research in Microbiology, 2019
Congratulations to Mohamed Alhussain, a final year PhD student, Fleming Lab