Mission Statement

The Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine is dedicated to the memory of Edward Walter Guinness, First Baron Moyne, to progress knowledge related to human and animal health and to the prevent infectious disease. On a global basis infectious diseases are responsible for the deaths of more people and animals than any other causes.

The Department of Microbiology strives to enhance the vision of its benefactor Grania Guinness of an academic institute committed to exploration of the interactions between microbial pathogens and their animal hosts and to advancement of knowledge likely to positively impact on the development of vaccines, diagnostic tools and novel preventive and therapeutic treatments to combat and control infectious and communicable diseases affecting mankind and domestic animals worldwide. The fundamental purpose of the Department is to promote the science of Microbiology through excellence in internationally recognised research on a broad pallet of research topics, including molecular determinants of microbial virulence, host responses to important microbial pathogens of man and livestock, and fundamental biochemical and physiological processes in microbial cells as potential targets for antimicrobial intervention and for biomedical, biotechnological and industrial applications.

The Department aspires to achieve national and international recognition for its research and educational contributions through the creation and dissemination of knowledge in Microbiology. Its research mission provides enhanced opportunities and challenges for vibrant teaching in Science, supports the application of scientific principles to the disciplines of Pharmacy, Dental Science, Medicine, Therapeutic Radiography, Nursing, and Sports Medicine, and stimulates cross-departmental cooperation in teaching and research with academic staff in the allied disciplines of Biochemistry and Genetics in Trinity College. The education, nurturing and mentoring of individuals through undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is designed to empower graduates to recognise, investigate, engage with, resolve and manage the myriad of microbiological problems affecting health, industry and the environment.

The Department intends to build on its research strengths to promote the use of the research facilities and expertise of the Moyne Institute, to instil knowledge and attitudes for learning, to enhance research training, to service the needs of other disciplines in Trinity College and in the community nationally, and to disseminate and interpret microbiological research findings to the public and professionals. The Moyne Institute is committed to the recruitment of the best students, postdoctoral scientists, and academic staff to the discipline of Microbiology, to encouraging diversity in the study of Microbiology, and to fostering an intellectually stimulating and friendly environment for research and teaching.