Advanced Topic Courses (MIU44004)

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Module Name  MIU44004 - Advanced Topic Courses
Module Credit Value  10 Credits 
Module Coordinator  Dr. Sinead Corr 
Lecturers  All Microbiology academic staff
Contact Hours 


Recommended Reading List for self-guided study 

Students will be provided with primary research articles and scientific reviews on specialised research topics for self-guided study. 


Short Content Overview

Students attend seminars/tutorials and student-led discussion groups on specialised topics in Microbiology. Students choose three topics from a list which may vary from year to year and new topics may be included.

Students are provided an opportunity to choose three areas of Microbiology for advanced study. Each component consists of 10 one-hour sessions, and together the 3 courses account for 10 ECTS credits. The format of these courses varies from lectures to small group tutorials and in many cases includes elements of student participation, assigned reading and group assignments. Students are required to carry out self-guided study on primary literature sources in preparation for class participation and presentations.

Students choose three topics for study from a list that includes Gram-Positive Bacterial Pathogens; Lessons from Yeasts: Applying yeast genetics to the study of Human diseases; Molecular & Cellular Biology, Regulation of Bacterial Gene Expression; Chromatin and the eukaryotic genome, Emerging understanding of the Human Microbiome in Health and its Therapeutic Manipulation. Topics may vary from year to year and new topics may be included.