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Meet The Grattan Scholars

The Grattan Scholars programme is developing as an internationally recognised scholarship programme which is helping attract the best and brightest students to Trinity. Since 2012 it has grown into community of international scholars - from ten countries around the world - who are genuinely committed to understanding and improving society through their research, teaching and education.

  • 2013 Grattan Scholars

    • Lisa Keenan - Differential Levels and Determinants of Political Ambition among Irish Men and Women

    lisa'My research is investigating potential barriers to entry and advancement of women in Irish political life, including possible voter bias against female candidates, whether men and women have different perceptions about the challenges associated with mounting a political campaign and if there is a gender gap in political ambition among the men and women who are best placed to run and, if so, what can help to explain this gap. It will also investigate whether there is a gender gap in ambition for advancement in political careers.'

    Lisa joined Trinity's PhD programme as a Grattan Scholar in 2014 where she researching 'Differential Levels and Determinants of Political Ambition among Irish Men and Women' under the supervision of Gail McElroy, Professor of Political Science and Head of the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy. Lisa's research into the role of gender and personality in explaining political ambition is at the cutting edge of work in this field. Currently, the project is structured around five chapters, each of which will investigate a potential barrier to entry and advancement of women in Irish political life. All five of these papers should suggest policies that could be implemented to address the underrepresentation of women in politics in Ireland.

    Lisa received a BA in Economics and Sociology in 2011 and an M Litt. in Economics in 2013 both from Trinity College. She is currently a Teaching Assistant on the Comparative Politics undergraduate module.

    • Katarzyna (Kasia) Kozien - Types of Return Migrants and their Reintegration Patterns

    kasia'My research focuses on finding out what the causes and consequences of Polish return migration are for the returners and their life trajectories. This involves analysing the differences between migrants who stayed in the country of migration and those who returned to their country of origin in order to determine possible reasons behind their decisions.'

    Results of her research will help to find out what differentiates returnees from long-term migrants, how to identify different types of returnees, detect their reintegration strategies and explore the role of short migration spell in their life trajectories. Kasia's research is being co-supervised by Elaine Moriarty and Peter Mühlau, Assistant Professors of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin.

    Kasia is a Teaching Assistant for the Social Movements and Researching Society modules in the Department of Sociology. She holds an M.A. in Sociology from Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) and also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations at Tischner University (Krakow, Poland). Before entering Trinity’s PhD program as a Grattan Scholar in 2013, Kasia worked in market research companies in Germany, Ireland and Poland. She has also worked in the Polish Statistical Office in Krakow.

    • Alan Walsh - Migration and Clustering of Creative Workers

    alan'From Athens and the Greek City States of the Classical period to the French and German Enlightenment movements in Paris and Berlin, respectively, to the rise to prominence of modern American cities like Boston and New York, various cities have risen and fallen as artistic, cultural and intellectual centres. The aim of my research is to develop an understanding of the relationship between these cultural centres and the most eminent thinkers in Western philosophy, to explore why some centres developed as intellectual hubs and produced more successful creative workers than others and to try to quantify what impact coming into physical contact with these locations had on artistic output.'

    Alan is researching 'Synergies from Geographic Clustering of Creative Workers' for an MLitt under the supervision of John O'Hagan, Professor of Economics. Alan received a BA in PPES (single honors Economics) from Trinity College, Dublin in 2012. He received an MSc in Economics from the University of Edinburgh in 2013.

    Alan has been the Teaching Assistant (TA) for Economy of Ireland for three years, for which he has received the Dermot McAleese Teaching Award in 2014 and 2016 and received the Post Graduate Teaching Award in 2015. Alan has also been the TA for The Economics of Public Policy and An Introducting to Social Science for the European Studies Department in 2015/2016.

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    2014 Grattan Scholars

    • Purnima Kanther - Financial Inclusion and Financial Sector Development in Developing Countries

    'In my first paper "Short term effects of India's universal financial inclusion scheme" I examine the ability of India's largest financial inclusion scheme to induce a change in financial behaviour. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to visit India last summer to explore further research opportunities. Currently, I am working one of them for my second paper which explores at the election dynamics in wake of a calamity in India.'

    PurnimaPurnima joined Trinity as a Grattan Scholar in 2014 and is researching ‘Financial Inclusion and Financial Sector Development in Developing Countries’ under the supervision of Michael King, Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin. The project will explore the impact of innovative financial services; the role played by financial literacy and broader financial sector development issues in developing countries. Purnima is also lecturing on the Introduction to Economic Policy module for first-year undergraduate students.

    She received an MSc in Economics from University of Leicester in 2011 where she was awarded the best economics student award. Prior to her PhD, she worked as a Research Assistant at Euromoney Institutional Investors, London and as a Research Associate at CAFRAL, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.

    • Margaryta Klymak - A New Model for Development Aid: the Role of the Private Sector

    'My first paper examined the effects of naming and shaming of child and forced labour in developing countries on international trade. Further papers will focus on the effects of foreign competition on the behaviour of firms in Vietnam. I am preparing to collaborate with development researchers at the United Nations University on research examining whether trade liberalisation leads to labour matching shifts.'

    MargarytaMargaryta joined Trinity’s PhD program as a Grattan Scholar in 2014. Her research, which she is undertaking under the supervision of Carol Newman, Professor in Economics at Trinity College, focusses on the role of the private sector in developing countries, an important topic both from an academic and a policy perspective. Margaryta has been accepted onto a very prestigious PhD internship at UNU-WIDER which will further expand her network and open up new opportunities for her to engage with issues that are of crucial importance to the developing world.

    Margaryta earned an MSc Economics from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc Business Economics and a BSc Management from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. Prior to start of her PhD Margaryta worked as a data analyst in a retail company in England.

    • Yannick Timmer - The Global Financial System

    'Currently I am a visiting researcher at the Deutsche Bundesbank and a consultant to the European Systemic Risk Board based in the European Central Bank. My first PhD paper focused on the "Cyclical Investment Behaviour across Financial Institutions" has been published as a Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion paper.'

    YannickYannick joined Trinity’s PhD programme as a Grattan Scholar in 2014. His research concentrates on the empirical analysis of the interaction between capital markets and financial stability. Building on Trinity's strong research record in financial globalisation and international macroeconomics, Yannick's work aims to generate research findings that will not only advance the academic frontier but will also be directly relevant to policymakers at national, European and global levels. His research is being supervised by Philip Lane, Whately Professor of Political Economy and Paul Scanlon, Assistant Professor of Economic and

    Before started his PhD, Yannick undertook a Masters in Economics at Trinity College Dublin and obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Dusseldorf.

    2015 Grattan Scholars

    • Katharina Bergant - Financial Globalisation

    'This first year of my PhD has been filled with many enriching but also challenging experiences. Trinity provided the opportunity to present my ideas in front of peers and faculty with whose feedback I could fit my empirical findings into the format of an academic paper: "Stock-Flow Adjustment during the Global Financial Crisis". This project connects to my previous work about the current account and external adjustment which was published in the Trinity Postgraduate Review in June 2016.'

    katharinaKatharina joined the Economics PhD programme as a Grattan Scholar in 2015 to undertake research which will advance the understanding of the topic of 'Financial Globalisation.' Some of the concrete research questions she will approach concern the determinants of global imbalances and the macroeconomic effects of capital flows. Analysing fiscal and monetary policies in the current and past crises will be crucial in her policy orientated research. Her research is being supervised by Agustín Bénétrix, Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Philip Lane, Whately Professor of Political Economy.

    Before starting her PhD Katharina undertook a Masters in Economics at Trinity College and obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

    • Egle Gusciute - Who is Against Migration, and Why?

    egle'My research centres on the causes of anti-immigration attitudes in Europe, in the light of current debates on migration in the media, and political and public circles this research is particularly timely and relevant. Throughout the course of my PhD I hope to investigate determinants of anti-immigration sentiment and to find out what factors can help us to better understand why such attitudes develop in some countries and not others.'

    Egle joined Trinity as a Grattan Scholar in 2015 and is researching ‘Who is Against Migration, and Why?’ under the co-supervision of Richard Layte, Professor of Sociology and Peter Mühlau, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. The project will explore the causes of anti-immigration attitudes in Europe on the country, sectoral and occupational levels. The overall aim of the project is to increase understanding of the role of economic threat in anti-immigrant sentiment and will aim to test an alternative explanation for such sentiment. Egle is also a Teaching Assistant on the Introduction to Sociology for first year undergraduate students.

    Before coming to Trinity as a Grattan Scholar, Egle was a Research Assistant on the European Migration Network team at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI). Egle has a BA in European Studies and an MPhil in International Peace Studies, both from Trinity College.

    • Gayane Vardanyan - The Age of Mass Migration and the Impacts of Migration

    'My research focuses on two areas of migration: the Age of Mass Migration and emerging areas of migration such as the relationship between migration and housing markets. My first project aims to determine the historical factors causing migration in Ireland. I have also gained one year of experience working as a teaching assistant which is incredible opportunity for someone starting an academic career. '

    gayaneGayane joined the Economics PhD programme to undertake research on 'The Age of Mass Migration and the Impacts of Migration' under the supervision of Associate Professor in Economics Gaia Narciso. The research strategy relies on the matching of different historical data sources, with the aim of constructing and exploring a unique dataset which combines individual socio-economic characteristics with migratory behaviour. Using the combined information about the Irish migrants to the US, the project will be able to identify the basic characteristics of Irish migrants during the Age of Mass Migration.

    Before joining Trinity as a Grattan Scholar, Gayane completed an MSc in Economics at the University of Bern. Prior to this she undertook a Bachelor of Finance at the Armenian State University of Economics.

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    2016 Grattan Scholars

    • Jan-Luca Hennig - Causes and Consequences of Inequality

    Jan LucaJan-Luca joined Trinity as a Grattan Scholar in 2016 to undertake research on the role of institutions on wage and wealth inequality. His research, which is being supervised by Fadi Hassan, Assistant Professor of Economics, aims to increase understanding of the causes and consequences of widening income distributions and to provide policy recommendations to governments and their institutions when encountering wealth and income disparities.

    Before starting his PhD at Trinity, Jan-Luca obtained an MSc in Economics from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and undertook a BSc in International Economics at the University of Tübingen, both in Germany.

    • Elisa Maria Tirindelli - The Economics of City Regrowth

    ElisaElisa joined Trinity's PhD in Economics programme to undertake research in urban development from a historical perspective, with a focus on Dublin. Her research, which is being supervised by Ronan Lyons, Assistant Professor of Economics, will explore the distribution of cities within countries, Ireland in particular, and on the within cities dynamics, with a focus on Dublin.

    Before joining Trinity as a Grattan Scholar, Elisa undertook a joint master in Mathematical Economics between Paris I and Paris School of Economics and obtained her undergraduate degree in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan.

    • Benoit Voudon - Resale Price Maintenance and Asymmetric Retail Competition

    BenoitBenoit joined the Economics PhD programme to undertake research which will develop the analysis of Vertical Relations in Industrial Organization. His first paper, called "Vertical Relations, Integration and Technology Adoption", investigates theoretically the impact of a market's vertical structure on the speed of technology adoption and innovation. Benoit will further study the impact of vertical relations on market performance in order to design better competition and industrial policies. His research is being supervised by Francis O'Toole, Associate Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Economics.

    Before starting his PhD as a Grattan Scholar, Benoit undertook a Masters in Economics and Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris, Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE, in France. Prior to this, he obtained his undergraduate degree at Sciences Po Paris.

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