Record Management

Annual Rollover

The annual academic rollover is the management of progressing students from one academic year to the next. The academic rollover incorporates the annual review of the core academic model structure for all valid TCD courses. This process includes the verification of student examination & assessment data and the creation of new enrolment records annually for each student who successfully progresses to the next academic year of a programme of study.

Management of The Academic Model

The academic model is the core academic structure by which TCD courses are administered and student academic records are managed and maintained. The Academic Model includes all TCD course structure data.

The TCD Academic Model maps a student’s journey through the University; from online application management, annual enrolment and registration, course module assignment to student progression (assessment and examinations) and includes research-records management, awards, graduation ceremonies and Alumni records structures. 

Student Record Maintenance

Student records maintenance of the academic and personal records of all students admitted to the College, this includes the creation, verification and ongoing management of all student records.