The Service Desk can assist with queries concerning application and admissions, registration and record management, student finance, postgraduate studies and examinations.

The Examinations and Timetables team is responsible for the efficient and effective running of all examinations in the University and for all related assessment processes.

The Applications & Admissions team provide information about application procedures and admission requirements, as well as course information to both EU and non-EU students.

Processing of all submitted research theses (soft and hardbound) and queries related to the thesis submission and examination process.

The Fees & Payments team is responsible for the invoicing and collection of course fees and the collection of Accommodation charges. In addition the team administers the US Department of Education Federal Direct Loan Program.

Organisation of Commencements and Diploma / Certificate ceremonies annually, including timetabling of ceremonies, processing of notices of candidature and production of degree and diploma / certificates.

The Academic Registry manages the registration of all students admitted to Trinity College.

Annual publication of the Seanad Electoral Register and conduct of Seanad Elections and Bye Elections.

The Examinations and Timetables team is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the central management information system (CMIS) for timetabling, in conjunction with the SAS User Support Unit.

Maintenance of the up-to-date register of the Members of the University Senate and the organisation and support of business meetings of the University Senate.

The Admissions team manages the Study Abroad and Erasmus Programmes (including student and staff mobility) and the College-wide exchange programme to non-EU countries.

Production of statistical data and reports for College, the Government, public bodies and other organisations.


The Academic Registry now has a Facebook page and Twitter handle to help you catch up with our latest updates.
If you need a letter confirming the amount of fees you have paid, your registration status or for issue to the INIS/GNIB, dont forget you can request it here.
Students whose card has been lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged may seek a replacement from the Service Desk for which a fee of €20 will be charged. Student ID cards are issued during Service Desk Opening Hours.

The Academic Registry is part of the Corporate Services Division, which oversees the governance and management of professional administrative and support services in the university and is led by the Chief Operating Officer.

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