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Academic Transcripts


Undergraduate Transcripts

Undergraduate Degrees


The Service Desk issues summary academic transcripts for the courses below, detailing the overall result by academic year and final degree classification where applicable. If you require a detailed breakdown of results or if the course for which you require a transcript is not listed please contact the Department / School Office to which the course belongs.

  • Two Subject Moderatorship [TSM] All course combinations under the TSM programme
    (not including PPES or BESS - these can be requested from the BESS Course Office here)

  • (TR002) Music

  • (TR003) History

  • (TR005) Philosophy

  • (TR006) Psychology

  • (TR008) World Religions and Theology

  • (TR012) History and Political Science

  • (TR021) Classics

  • (TR022) Early and Modern Irish

  • (TR023) English Studies

  • (TR024) European Studies

  • (TR025) Drama and Theatre Studies

  • (TR031) Mathematics

  • (TR039) Computer Science and Language

  • (TR071) Science
    (transcripts giving full breakdown of results can be requested from Science Course Office.)

  • (TR072) Pharmacy

National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)


The Irish National Framework of Qualifications was launched in 2003 as an infrastructure by which all learning and academic achievements can be related to each other in a meaningful and organised fashion. The various kinds of qualifications and awards included in the NFQ are organised based on the skills, competency and level of knowledge required to achieve them. Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) has responsibility to maintain, support and develop the NFQ as well as facilitating the recognition of non-Irish qualifications. As every NFQ award is quality assured, international learners can be assured that their qualifications will be recognised around the world.

More information on the NFQ is available here:

National Framework of Qualifications chart

NFQ User Guide


Transcript Requests


The Service Desk provides summary academic transcripts for:

  • Students who have studied for specific undergraduate courses listed below.
  • Students who have studied on the postgraduate research register after their thesis has been submitted and approved by Council and Board.

All requests for academic transcripts must be made using the web request form and submitting it directly to the Academic Registry. The Academic Registry will not issue an academic transcript to a third party without the written consent of the person named on the transcript.

Upon receiving a request the Academic Registry will prepare an academic transcript for issue normally within 10 working days. The Academic Registry endeavours to facilitate all deadlines as quickly as possible however you are advised to give sufficient advance notice to allow for timely processing.


Discontinued Courses


The Academic Registry can provide transcripts for certain courses for which the course office is no longer in existence or the course is discontinued otherwise no longer available. If the course you attended is not listed below and the relevant course office is unable to provide a transcript, please contact us. directly and our staff will endeavour to provide further assistance. Specific discontinued courses for which transcripts are commonly required include General Studies, Modern Languages & Literature, Germanic Studies, Mental and Moral Science, and Ancient & Modern Literature.

Postgraduate Transcripts

Postgraduate Research


Requests by students who have been included on the postgraduate research register must be made using the web request form. Please note that your thesis must have been approved by Council and Board before we will be able to provide a transcript.


Postgraduate Taught Degrees


The Academic Registry does not provide transcripts for taught postgraduate courses, these be obtained from the relevant Department / School Office

Diploma & Certificate Courses


The Academic Registry does not provide transcripts for diploma and certificate courses, these can be obtained from the relevant Department / School Office


ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

The European Cedit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centred system based on student workload. ECTS was introduced in Trinity College Dublin and applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. ECTS credits represent the student workload required to achieve the desired outcomes of modules and programmes. Each year of full-time undergraduate study carries 60 credits. All full year Erasmus/Visiting students are required to lake a minimum of 45 ECTS. One semester students are expected to take 20-30 ECTS. Credit values for modules at Trinity will vary, but usually will have a 5, 10 or 15 ECTS value depending on the length of the module and the number of hours.

Further information on the ECTS is available here:

European Commission Website

ECTS User Guide