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Globalisation and Development

Module Details for SOU33081 Globalisation and Development (Part 1MT)

Module Code


ECTS weighting


Semester/term taught

Michaelmas Term

Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing this module will be able to:
After taking this course students should be better able to:

  • Think critically about globalization and development issues as posed in the world today.
  • Understand the relationship between the economy, society and politics; theory and practice in relation to globalization and development
  • Understand how globalization is impacting developed countries, the BRIC countries and the poorest countries

Module Content

Globalization and Development are two much discussed and debated concepts. How should we understand and address them today?  How are they linked? What are the trends in both globalization and development? How is our understanding of both globalization and development changing in light of the recent global economic crisis and ongoing systemic weaknesses? We will investigate the trends that are going to shape the world in the coming decades: increased interconnectedness, crises in existing economic, political and social institutions within nations and internationally; increasing pressure on natural resources; huge demographic shifts; a shifting in the economic and geo-political balance of power, specifically the rise of China and India, with a secondary look at Brazil. The focus of this semester is on the economic sociology of globalization and development. The second semester will focus on culture and globalization and development.

Assessment Details

Coursework (100%)