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PhD Student Details

Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Contact Supervisor
Hannah Bowman Fitting the Mould? Migrant experiences of Public Employment Services: An analysis of PES in Ireland Dr Camilla Devitt
Şeyma Çelik The Role of Digital Engagement and Parenting Practices in Adolescent Well-Being: A Study on Social Inequalities Prof Pablo Gracia
Imogen Eve Decolonising the Irish University? A Comparative Study of Decolonisation in Irish Higher Education Dr Phil Mullen
Sadhbh Dowling Working Class Encounters with Elite Education: The Case of Ireland Dr David Ralph
Aron Foley Multi-Ethnic Communities and Religion: How Accommodating are Irish Primary Schools? Prof Daniel Faas
Mandy Lee Exploring communal trauma and community resilience of the Hong Kong democracy movement: a narrative inquiry approach Dr David Landy
Mengxuan Li How Do Parental Resources Affect Child Well-Being? Evidence from Birth Cohort Studies Dr Kat Chzhen
Sandrine Metzger Gender Inequalities in Well-Being and Time Use across Parenthood Transitions: A Life-Course Approach Prof Pablo Gracia
Olivia McEvoy

Social Environment, Health and Well-Being Among Adolescents in Ireland Prof Richard Layte
Gabriel Opare Socio-historical records of African students at Trinity College Dublin Dr Phil Mullen
Claudia Peroni Inherently Mean? A Comparative Analysis of the Irish and Italian Asylum Seekers Dr Camilla Deveitt
Rodolfo Pezzi Inequalities in the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on children and young people’s economic well-being, education, and mental health Dr Kat Chzhen
Alex Polkey Deskilling among 'new' EU migrants in Dublin Dr Elaine Moriarty
Addiena Luke-Carrier Resist AMR Project: Evaluating the agricultural practices and regulatory environment that govern antimicrobial use in Ireland Dr Elaine Moriarty
Sorcha Mellon Growing Up in Multicultural Ireland: The School Community Study Prof Daniel Faas
Mide Power Norms, Bystander Intervention, and Institutional Change Dr Anne Holohan
Eve Doran Unveiling Black Irish School Narratives: Examining Identity Formation and the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Realities in the Irish Educational Landscape Dr Phil Mullen