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PhD Student Details

Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Contact Supervisor
Melissa Bohnert Digital Media, Child Developmen, and Well-being Outcomes in Ireland. Dr Pablo Gracia
Sara Bojarczuk

Polish Mothers in Ireland- A Comparative Study of the Role of Social Networks in Managing
Care and Employment

Dr Elaine Moriarty/Dr Peter Muhlau
Ciaran Devlin Gender and Sexuality through the Screen: Using video games to tackle Misogyny and Homophobia Dr Anne Holohan
David Dunne Going Native: a critical study of theories of 'nativism' as technologies of Western intervention Dr David Landy
Julia Leesch  Trends and Consequences of Assortative Mating on Education and Social Class Origin Dr Jan Skopek
Phil Mullen

Identity and Belonging in Ireland for mixed-race Irish women who grew up in the Irish institutional care system Dr Daniel Faas
Ryan Alberto Ó Giobúin Diverging Pathways: social class and choice in Irish secondary education Prof Richard Layte
Stefanie Sprong Explaining the 'migrant gap' among children in Ireland Dr Jan Skopek
Sara Singleton What role does trust play in successful cooperation between the diverse actors involved in international peacekeeping missions? Dr Anne Holohan
Arnie Trinidad The Social and Class-Based Identities of Filipino Nurse Migrants in Ireland Dr Daniel Faas