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PhD Student Details

Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Contact Supervisor
Melissa Bohnert Digital Media, Child Developmen, and Well-being Outcomes in Ireland. Dr Pablo Gracia
Hannah Bowman Fitting the Mould ? Migrant experiences of Public Employment Services: An analysis of PES in Ireland Dr Camilla Devitt
Şeyma Çelik The Role of Digital Engagement and Parenting Practices in Adolescent Well-Being: A Study on Social Inequalites Dr Pablo Gracia
Imogen Cooney Decolonising the Irish University? A Comparative Study of Decolonisation in Irish Higher Education Dr Phil Mullen
Sadhbh Dowling Working Class Encounters with Elite Education: The Case of Ireland Dr David Ralph
Aron Foley Multi-Ethnic Communities and Religion: How Accommodating are Irish Primary Schools? Prof Daniel Faas
Mandy Lee Exploring communal trauma and community resilience of the Hong Kong democracy movement: a narrative inquiry approach Dr David Landy
Julia Leesch  Trends and Consequences of Assortative Mating on Education and Social Class Origin Dr Jan Skopek
Mengxuan Li How Do Parental Resources Affect Child Well-Being? Evidence from Birth Cohort Studies Dr Kat Chzhen
Sandrine Metzger Gender Inequalities in Well-Being and Time Use across Parenthood Transitions: A Life-Course Approach Dr Pablo Gracia
Olivia McEvoy

Social Environment, Health and Well-Being Among Adolescents in Ireland Prof Richard Layte
Gabriel Opare Socio-historical records of African students at Trinity College Dublin Dr Phil Mullen
Claudia Peroni Inherently Mean? A Comparative Analysis of the Irish and Italian Asylum Seekers Dr Camilla Deveitt
Rodolfo Pezzi Inequalities in the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on children and young people’s economic well-being, education, and mental health Dr Kat Chzhen
Alex Polkey Deskilling among 'new' EU migrants in Dublin Dr Elaine Moriarty
Arnie Trinidad The Social and Class-Based Identities of Filipino Nurse Migrants in Ireland Prof Daniel Faas