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Oceans Past News

October 2018

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Tracing human interactions with marine ecosystems through deep time: implications for policy and management Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) & the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven, Germany: 22th to 26th October 2018. Official conference website:

Press Release: October 2017 - How can you “Sea Change” that occurs over 500 years? New Sea Change Resources Launched to Support a Healthier Ocean

Oceans Past Newsletter

Oceans Past News No.7 - January 2018

Happy New Year from all of us at Oceans Past News! In 2017, we highlighted work from J. Scott McCain that used historical perspectives to shed light on critical habitat, as well as that from Andrea Gaynor, with Jodi Frawley and Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, which revealed gendered cultures in fishing over time. Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak wrote about why the past matters and how it can illuminate important ethical questions as part of our 10 Questions series..Read More

Oceans Past News No.6 - November 2017

To anticipate impacts of widespread environmental change on marine ecosystems, we need greater knowledge on long-term patterns and responses that may be subtle, and associated with thresholds, feedbacks and/or temporal lags...Read More

Oceans Past News No.5 - July 2017

This 5th issue marks a year since we launched Oceans Past News – our first birthday! We thank you for reading and contributing to OPN...Read More

Oceans Past News No.4 - April 2017

As scientists, we often like to believe the science we do is objective. But we are also people. We are all subject to the same cultural and social systems that create bias, conscious and unconscious, as everyone else...Read More

Oceans Past News No.3 - January 2017

Welcome to 2017! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying the new year. Here at Oceans Past News, we thank you for supporting OPN and ensuring the success of our initial editions...Read More

Oceans Past News No.2 - November 2016

Greetings! This issue of Oceans Past News focuses on Oceania, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific, a region of contrasting human antiquity...Read More

Oceans Past News No.1 - July 2016

Welcome! These are exciting times to be researchers of Oceans Past. We are enjoying scientific breakthroughs that are truly expanding our understanding of changes in the sea – and are increasingly becoming important to marine management...Read More

Past News

Oceans Past VI International Conference, 16 - 18 May 2017, Sesimbra, Portugal

The sixth Conference in the Oceans Past series will be held by CHAM-FCSH, NOVA/UAc with the support of Sesimbra Municipality (Portugal) under the main theme
Read More

Congress of Maritime History 2016

The Organising Committee appointed by the International Maritime Economic History Association invite proposals for panels and papers to be presented at its 2016 7th International Congress of Maritime History. The Congress will be hosted by Murdoch University, the Western Australian Maritime Museum, the Australian Association for Maritime History and the International Commission for Maritime History and held at Murdoch University, Perth Australia.

The theme for the conference is “Old Worlds, New Worlds? Emerging themes in maritime history”. As with previous congresses, ICMH7 has adopted a broad concept of maritime history, treating it as an interdisciplinary discipline that covers all historical periods and areas and all aspects of humankind’s relationship with the sea from ancient times to the present.
Papers will be welcome on a wide range of research areas reflecting people and their activities and interest in, on, around and under the waters of the world. Deadline for submission Oct 2015.

More information is  available here.

Research agenda: Future of oceans past

New research agenda? Check out this publication from PLoS One

The Future of the Oceans Past: Towards a Global Marine Historical Research Initiative

 future of the oceans past


Historical research is playing an increasingly important role in marine sciences. Historical data are also used in policy making and marine resource management, and have helped to address the issue of shifting baselines for numerous species and ecosystems. Although many important research questions still remain unanswered, tremendous developments in conceptual and methodological approaches are expected to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the global history of human interactions with life in the seas. Based on our experiences and knowledge from the “History of Marine Animal Populations” project, this paper identifies the emerging research topics for future historical marine research. It elaborates on concepts and tools which are expected to play a major role in answering these questions, and identifies geographical regions which deserve future attention from marine environmental historians and historical ecologists.