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Professor Blanaid Daly
Professor in Special Care Dentistry and , Dental Science


Professor Blánaid Daly, BA BDentSc FFGDP (UK) PhD FFPHM FHEA

Blánaid Daly qualified from Trinity College Dublin in 1983, and first worked in the Health Board Services in Ireland, followed by six years in the Dept of General Dental Practice and Community Dentistry at the Dublin Dental Hospital . She moved to London in 1990 joining King's College London as a research assistant to set up, deliver and evaluate a targeted dental service for homeless people in central London. She completed her PhD on the oral health needs of homeless people and worked as a Clinical Lecturer and Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dental Public Health . She was programme organiser for the MSc in Dental Public Health and MSc in Community Dental Practice at King's up until 2010. She completed the FFGDP (UK) in 2009 and is on the UK GDC specialist list in Special Care Dentistry and in Dental Public Health . In 2010, Blánaid was made academic/discipline lead for Special Care Dentistry at King's College London Dental Institute . She is lead for research at the British Society of Disability and Oral Health. She is a member of the Cochrane Oral Health Group, and a member of the UK Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) in Special Care Dentistry. She is an assistant editor of the Journal of Disability & Oral Health and member of the scientific committee of the International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) She is a member of the International Collaboration of Health Research (ICOHIRP). In August 2016 Blánaid returned to the Dublin Dental University Hospital as Professor/Consultant of Special Care Dentistry. She is also visiting Professor in Special Care Dentistry at King's College London.

Clinical Specialist Interest Special Care Dentistry; specifically evaluating the outcomes of care to vulnerable groups eg homeless people, substance users, prisoners, frail older people including dementia.

Dental Public health: specifically risk communication, adherence and oral health promotion with vulnerable groups. Oral health inequality.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


People with disabilities and marginalised groups experience greater levels of oral disease compared to the general population. They are more likely to have unmet dental needs and to be underserved. While this inequality is acknowledged, there is an information gap in understanding how this inequality might be reduced. My research is therefore focused in two areas which aim to increase understanding and help deliver interventions to reduce oral health inequality Disability & Oral Health a) Theoretical definitions and models of disability informing b) and c) below. b) Development of measures to describe disability and oral health c) Quality of life in the context of disability Access to oral health & oral health care for people with disabilities and vulnerable group (a) Access to care for vulnerable populations (b) Care pathways: Haemophilia, Head & Neck Cancer, Cleft lip and palate, Dementia (c) Health promotion and risk communication research Key papers Asimakopolou K, Newton J, Daly B, Kutzer Y, Ide M (2015) The effects of providing periodontal disease risk information on psychological outcomes - a randomized controlled trial. J Clin Periodontol. 2015 Apr;42(4):350-5 Moore S, Shiers D, Daly B, Mitchell AJ, Gaughran F (2015). Promoting physical health for people with schizophrenia by reducing disparities in medical and dental care. Acta Psychiatr Scand 2015: 1-13 Daly B, Newton JTN, Batchelor P (2010b) Patterns of dental service use amongst homeless people using a targeted service. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 70:45-51 Daly B, Newton JT, Batchelor P, Jones KJ (2010c). Normative need and oral health related quality of life in homeless people. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 38:136-144 Jin E & Daly B (2010) The oral health concerns of deaf blind people. Special Care Dentistry 30: 8-13