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Dr. Brett Duane
Associate Professor in Public Dental Hea, Dental Science


My main interests are now environmental sustainability in healthcare. As well as a 7 paper review on sustainability in dentistry my papers also include broader healthcare - travel, conferences, education etc My papers can be found here

My research team is a collection of specialists, students, and colleagues interested in understanding the life cycle assessment of environmental products; So far we have modelled/published life cycle assessments of ;

Electric toothbrushes Standard toothbrushes Dental procedures Examination kits Gloves; sterile and non sterile Gowns Decontamination products Hand gel

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Duane, Ingeborg, Stancliffe, Carbon Modelling with Dentistry, Public Health England, July, 2018 Report, 2018

Research Expertise


I have significant experience in an innovative growing and hugely important area; Sustainable healthcare Thirteen years ago I started developing an academic interest in Sustainability in healthcare specifically but not limited to dentistry. I was the first to lead a team to carbon footprint a dental service- a year or so after NHS England had mapped their carbon footprint. From there I acquired funding to develop a more systematic carbon footprint of the dental service across England. I led a team of academics on developing seven academic thematic papers on sustainability in dentistry. Within life, and within healthcare we need to understand the key elements of what is the highest contributor to environmental degradation. In order to understand this I learnt how to perform Life Cycle Assessments, publishing eight LCA papers demonstrating where our environmental impact comes from. Recent papers look specifically looking at prevention - highlighting the environmental wins we can make through water fluoridation, and the use of fluoride preventive programmes. With more sustainability papers published in dentistry than any other author I am regarded as one of the global leaders in sustainable dentistry. International presentations I have presented at a number of international presentations as key speakers including: EDSA European Dental Students Association, Amsterdam April 2018. Malmo University, Sept 2019 The Workshop on Environmental Sustainability in Clinical Care, Yale, April 2018 LDC dental conference London 2019 Council of European Dentists August 2018 My area of influence does not just relate to my research. I have led (with my co-author James Field) on Curriculum development in sustainability in dentistry Change within the practice of dentistry I sit on a number of academic and working groups (Australian Dental association, British Dental Association) and have provided consultancy advice to the European Dental Students Association, New Zealand Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, the Council of European Dentists etc, the British Dental Industry Association within this area. Change within regulatory groups I have had conversations with the General Dental Council on curriculum review within sustainability in dentistry


  • Title
    • Sustainability in Dentistry


caries; Countercurrent Chromatography; Social Inequality; SUSTAINABILITY



Membership of the Expert Body on Fluorides and Health 2017

Member Dental Council Working group "Managing Medical Emergencies with the dental setting" 2017-2018

Member working group: Scottish Dental Clinical Effetiveness Programme Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children 2006-2018

Centre for Sustainable Health Care 2015

National Dental Sustainability Advisory Group 2015

Consultant Australian Dental Association 2021

Malmo University; Worked with the University to promote sustainable healthcare 2019

Universidad de Javeriana: Worked with the University to promote sustainable healthcare 2019

British Dental Industry Association: Discussed with the BDIA how manufacturers could influence their production process 2019

Consultant British Dental Association: Provided advice on how the BDA could support the development of sustainable dentistry 2019

Awards and Honours

NSW Aboriginal Health Award. Projects. Tiddalick Takes on Teeth 2004


British Dental Association 2014 – 2018

British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry BASCD 2017 – 2018

Australian Dental Association Sustainability Advisory Group 01/01/2021 – 01/12/2021

National Dental Sustainability Advisory Group 01/01/2015 – 2021