Inviting government ministers

Trinity is a very large institution with significant research, teaching and outreach activities. It is to be expected that from time-to-time the Provost, Schools, Disciplines, support areas and Trinity Foundation seek opportunities to invite Government Ministers to lend their support to the universities activities by inviting them to launch or attend events in Trinity.

Whilst individual areas are encouraged in publicising their activities and in securing support for them at the highest political level there is a need to coordinate visits to the university by Government Ministers for the overall long-term good of Trinity. In order to address the above concerns the following procedures are proposed.

Trinity events

All invitations to Government Ministers, Ministers of State and Secretary-Generals of Government Departments for events being organised by academic or administrative and support areas in Trinity will be issued by the Secretary to the university. Areas wishing to issue such invitations should send briefing material and a broad time-scale to Sorcha O'Boyle (Communications Manager) who will liaise with the Secretary to the university in issuing the invitation. 

If you wish to extend an invitation to the President of Ireland for a Trinity event please contact the Provost's Office.

Book launches

The above procedure does not apply to members of Trinity community who, with their publishers, wish to invite Government Ministers to book launches. These invitations may be issued by the individual and/or the publisher concerned but organisers are requested to advise Trinity Communications of the details of the launch so that the senior Trinity Officers are aware of the visit.

Student societies

The above procedures do not apply to Student Societies inviting Government Ministers to attend meetings of their society in Trinity.