Media Relations

We help the university to tell its stories to the wider world

For journalists:

Expert comment

Do you need an expert view? Or an opinion piece on a particular topic? Ask us at and we’ll do our best to help.

Or contact one of our three faculty experts: Thomas Deane ( for STEM, Ciara O’Shea  ( for Health Sciences and Fiona Tyrrell ( for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Media releases

Sign up to one of our general or specialist news lists if you want to be alerted to news on Trinity in general, or on specific areas of research

General news query?

Do you have a question about Trinity in general – its funding, its developments, its policy, strategy or admissions? We can help.

Out of hours query?

Text University Spokesperson Catherine O’Mahony on 086 8263837.

Filming requests

See guidelines on how to film or broadcast at Trinity.

Image requests

Please contact Media Relations for high-resolution images.

For staff:

  • Do you want to attract more attention to your research/work?
  • Is media coverage a requirement of your funding?
  • Do you have exciting research outcomes to announce?
  • Or a funding announcement or conference?
  • Have you been asked by a journalist to comment on a newsy topic?
  • Do you want to submit an opinion piece?

We can help by:

  • Promoting your research, teaching and achievements nationally and internationally in media and social media
  • Writing media releases to announce your research news
  • Supporting you in engaging with media – providing training as needed
  • Linking you in with journalists seeking expert comment in your field of expertise
  • Producing video and/or audio clips to bring your work to life for a broader audience

Please check out our top tips for staff for guidelines on what to bring to us.

Top tips for seeking media help

  • Get in touch early – we are a busy team!
  • Give us the ‘Who, What, Where, When & How' of the initiative - See our media relations guidelines at the top of this page
  • Tell us if you are about to appear in the media and we can route press queries to you and pick up media coverage.
  • If you are collaborating with another institution that is promoting your research, we can promote it on Trinity website.
  • Looking for media training? We can organising training and support when you need it. See media tips for interviews here.
  • Want to see where your research lands? We can provide you with media coverage on your research and achievements.
  • If you think any aspect of your work is likely to become an issue in the media, or has the potential to be misrepresented or controversial, we can advise and help.

Staff listing

Name Title Phone Email
Catherine O'Mahony University Spokesperson 086 826 3837
Fiona Tyrrell Media relations officer specialising in arts, humanities & social sciences 087 616 9056
Thomas Deane Media relations officer specialising in engineering, mathematics and science 086 787 0748
Ciara O'Shea Media relations officer specialising in health sciences 086 787 0746

For general press queries email



Name Title Phone Email
Catherine O'Mahony University Spokesperson 086 8263837