Filming and photography on campus

Trinity welcomes the opportunity to work with programme makers in recording broadcasts on campus whenever the opportunity arises. 
The following procedures will ensure the best possible outcome in terms of facilities and support from the university.  

Any company or individual seeking permission to film/photograph/record television, radio and/or video broadcasts on any property owned by, or under the control of, Trinity College Dublin must send a written proposal in advance to Trinity Communications. 

A proposal for all filming/photography projects organised by a Trinity department or area must be sent to the Communications office giving at least one week’s notice. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to requests for which one week’s notice is not possible. 

Each request should outline

  1. Nature of the filming/recording/photography and, if freelance, details of who the work is being carried out on behalf of 

  2. Intended audiences and transmissions/usage 

  3. Proposed location(s) – please see the Trinity maps 

  4. Equipment to be used 

  5. Number of personnel in crew 

  6. Date(s) on which it is intended to film/record/photograph 

  7. Crew arrival time and the estimated duration of the filming/recording/photography 

  8. Contact details of requestor and of a member of the crew who will be on site 

  9. If vehicle access or parking is required, please provide the make and registration number as well as the driver’s name and phone number - please note parking on campus may not be available at all during certain times. 

  10. Insurance. See Insurance requirements for filming.

The university will assess all proposals and endeavour to advise the requestor of the outcome within five working days of the receipt of the request. 

For large productions, the filming organiser will have to complete an EMP Event Management Plan / Risk Assessment.  

Please send any requests for filming and photography in the Old Library to 

For filming and photography of manuscripts please contact the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library

Drone filming requests should be sent to the Safety Office. Please read the Drone filming at Trinity College Dublin guidelines first.   

No film/recording/photography crews will be admitted to any Trinity property without the appropriate confirmation from the Communications Office.