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Specialised Clinics

A variety of specialised clinics are available to treat specific ailments. Please peruse the list below with regard to the specialist treatment you wish to seek further information on.

Liquid Nitrogen

This is a recognised treatment for warts and verrucas. There is a charge of €20 per treatment. Students with current medical cards or VHI/Quinn Healthcare/Hibernian Aviva cover are treated free of charge.

Travel Advice and Vaccination

The health service maintains a full stock of all travel health vaccinations. We are a registered International Yellow Fever Centre and we are cheaper than most other service providers. We also provide a full range of vaccines including rabies. This concession is only available to Trinity students and staff. See here for a full list of vaccination prices (MS Word).

We have online up to date travel information on all destinations and can provide printouts based on World Health Organisation and the Central Disease Centre Atlanta data. We would suggest that students attend for travel advice and vaccination by making an appointment at the health service at least six weeks prior to departure. We would recommend an excellent website link for information about vaccination.

Cervical Check

You can get your free Cervical Check smear test with the College Health Centre. 
-          Never had a smear test?  It’s never too late.
-          Not sure if you’re due a smear test?  We can check.
-          Not a College Health patient?  You don’t have to be a patient with us to have your free smear test here.
-          Not sure if you’re eligible for a free test?  We can check. 

To avail of our easy free service please call
Phone: 01 8961591 / 01 896 8555

To learn more about your free smear test see this leaflet.

To learn more about Cervical Check, the National Cervical Screening Programme, go to

Sexual Health Clinic

To order your free STI kit, click here:

There are two Sexual Health Clinics:

1. Mini Screen with a Nurse

For those who don't have symptoms and have no history of contact with someone with an STI.
You will be tested for

  • HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis (blood tests)
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (Swabs and/or urine)

2. Sexual Health Clinic with Doctor and Nurse

The same tests as above but a more detailed history and examination are taken.

  • Suitable for men or women with symptoms
  • Men who are having sex with men
  • Those who feel they are high risk for STI

About the Sexual Health Clinic

We are a satellite clinic of the Sexually Transmitted Infectious Diseases Clinic at St James's Hospital.

Who is the Sexual Health Clinic for?

All Trinity students can avail of this clinic.

It is very important that men do not pass urine for at least 2 hours prior to their appointment.

I’m concerned about privacy
Separate confidential notes are kept for this visit, and do not appear on your computerized student health records.  When you attend the clinic you will be given a number. All samples that leave this clinic have this number, your initials and your date of birth as identification.  We do keep computerized records, but you cannot be identified from them. 

When is the Clinic?
Strictly by appointment only. Please call the health centre.  

How do I make an appointment?
Appointments can be made with reception in the Health Centre. You must pay €20 when booking your appointment. €15 is a courier charge for transporting samples. €5 will be refunded when you attend your appointment. Failure to give at least 48hrs cancellation notice will result in the loss of the deposit.

What happens at the appointment?
You will be seen first by a doctor who will talk to you about any symptoms you may have.  You will be asked about present and previous partners, as it is important to be able to identify anybody else who may be at risk. You will then have an examination, during which samples of mucous will be taken.  Finally, blood samples are taken to be tested for the presence of Hepatitis B, HIV and Syphilis. 

What happens after the appointment?
At your first appointment, you will be given an appointment to be seen in two weeks for the result of your tests.

For more information
Phone the Health Centre to arrange an appointment.

This information about the sexual health clinic can be downloaded here.


Appointments are made for our physiotherapist Karita Cullen with reception at the Health Centre. Karita's special interest include stress management, mindfulness, acupuncture, occupational health and Pilates.

Free Contraception

Free contraception is now available to all in Ireland between 17-30. More information can be found here.


Referral for ongoing ADHD treatment and management

Important notice:

Applications must be received by the 1st of March

The College Health Service at Trinity is delighted to announce the adoption of a new clinical care pathway for students who have been diagnosed with ADHD

This pathway will dovetail with the recently launched National Clinical Programme Model of Care for Adults with ADHD, by the Health Service Executive.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has been recognised and recorded as a clinical entity for over 120 years. Rates of ADHD in childhood are estimated at 5% and of these children, up to 2/3 will continue to experience impairment in adulthood including 15% who continue to meet full diagnostic criteria for the disorder. ADHD is associated with poor education outcomes and can have long-term negative effects on the mental health, well-being, and socio-economic outcomes of university students.

The College Health Service seeks to support ongoing clinical care for patients who have an established diagnosis of ADHD and in whom a stable established care plan is in situ. We are unable to offer a specialist ADHD assessment service and do not offer initiation of medication for ADHD for new patients.

The Irish public health service, the Health Service Executive (HSE), has developed a National Clinical Programme Model of care for adults with ADHD. This model of care states that assessment and treatment will be provided within the public mental health services. Unfortunately, this service is currently not available in many areas in Ireland. At this time, 2022 only 3 services are provided and waiting times can be very long. It is hoped that additional services will be rolled out in the future. Individuals over the age of 18 who are ordinarily resident in Community Healthcare Organisations (CHO)s 1, 3 and 6 should access care in ADHD clinics in these catchment areas via GP referral.

Students who are engaged with services within or outside Trinity can apply to the Disability Service for needs assessment, reasonable accommodation and one to one tailored academic and occupational therapy supports.

The private sector has a very limited number of clinicians who offer ADHD assessment. The most up to date details are available on the website.

Please note that Adderal is not available in Ireland and cannot be prescribed.

Incoming international students who are currently prescribed Adderal should contact their psychiatrist and arrange a transfer to an ADHD medication that is available in Ireland prior to coming. If a student wishes to avail of the College Health Service for ongoing ADHD care, please be aware that the service will prescribe either methylphenidate, lisdexamphetaime or atomoxetine. No other ADHD medications will be prescribed. The service is unable to facilitate change of medication or reinstatement of lapsed treatment.

Criteria for Referral

The patient must have an established diagnosis of ADHD made by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

The patient must have had a clinical reassessment that has determined that there are ongoing symptoms and an ongoing indication for care to include pharmacotherapy within a 6 month period of commencement of College.

Patients who have complex psychiatric comorbidity cannot be facilitated by this service.

The patient will remain under the care of the referring Consultant Psychiatrist until the patient has been assessed and accepted for treatment by the College Psychiatrist. It is expected that this may take up to a year. During this time on going pharmacotherapy, medication efficacy and tolerability as well as vital sign monitoring will be provided by the College Health Service GP. This review will be conducted once in each semester.

Individuals over the age of 18 who are ordinarily resident in Community Health Care Organisations (CHO)s 1,3 and 6 should access care in ADHD clinics in these catchment areas via GP referral as outlined here.

Students Coming to Trinity for one year period will not be transferred to the College Health Psychiatrist Service for ongoing ADHD management as their care can revert to their treating psychiatrist on completion of their studies. The ADHD clinic will provide primary care for these students. International students who will be studying for more than a year will be offered an appointment to transfer their care to the College Psychiatrist. This is likely to be in June the year after entry.

Students who are engaged with services outside Trinity can apply to the Disability Service for needs assessment, reasonable accommodation and one to one tailored academic and occupational therapy supports.

Patients who are currently misusing or consuming cannabis, substances or alcohol are not appropriate for this referral pathway and will not be seen.