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The Piggott Lab

Dr. Jeremy J. Piggott

Principal Investigator

Irish Research Council Laureate 2018 - 2022

Irish Research Council Early Career Researcher of the Year 2019
Tel: + 353 1 896 1639
Research Gate: Jeremy Piggott

Research Interests

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My research focuses on several topical themes in fundamental and applied ecology, including the determinants of biodiversity structure and function from genes to ecosystems, the combined influence of multiple anthropogenic stressors on communities and ecosystems, and the management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the face of global change. I perform my research predominantly in streams and rivers, combining ‘natural’ field experiments with manipulative experiments at a range of scales, from whole streams to mesocosms. By advancing knowledge and connecting science to policy, my research seeks to improve the management, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems in the face of global change.

Interview & Podcast

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PhD research


Antarctic Research


ExStream Ireland


ExStream Germany


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ExStream study assesses stream ecosystem functioning



Pioneering Trinity ecologist wins IRC Early Career Researcher of the Year


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Ecologist wins international award for research