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Here is a selection of my recent publications. You can find more information on my Google Scholar page.

Watanabe, Y.Y., N.L. Payne, J.M. Semmens, A. Fox & C. Huveneers (in press) swimming strategies and energetics of endothermic white sharks during foraging. Journal of Experimental Biology. Accepted 4 Jan 2019.

Johnson, E., L.G. Halsey, N.L. Payne, A. Kock, G. Iosilevskii, B. Whelan & J.D.R. Houghton (2018) Latent power of basking sharks revealed by exceptional breaching events. Biology Letters. 14 (9). DOI

Phillips, N.D., L. Kubicek, N.L. Payne, C. Harrod, L.E. Eagling, C.D. Carlson, V. Cappanera & J.D.R. Houghton (2018) Isometric growth in the world’s largest bony fishes (genus Mola)? Morphological insights from fisheries bycatch data. Journal of Morphology. 279 (9).DOI

Payne, N.L., C.G. Meyer, J.A. Smith, J.D.R. Houghton, A. Barnett, B.J. Holmes, I. Nakamura, Y.P. Papastamatiou, M.A. Royer, D.M. Coffey, J.M. Anderson, M.R. Hutchinson, K. Sato & L.G. Halsey (2018) Combining abundance and performance data reveals how temperature regulates coastal occurrences and activity of a roaming apex predator. Global Change Biology. 24 (5). DOI

Brunnschweiler, J.M., N.L. Payne & A. Barnett (2018) Hand feeding can periodically fuel a major portion of bull shark energy requirements at a provisioning site in Fiji. Animal Conservation. 1:21. DOI

Phillips, N.D., N. Reid, T. Thys, C. Harrod, N.L. Payne, C. Morgan, H.J. White, S. Porter & J.D.R. Houghton (2017). Applying species distribution modelling to a data poor, pelagic fish complex: the ocean sunfishes. Journal of Biogeography. 44 (10). DOI

Payne, N.L. & J.A. Smith (2017). An alternative explanation for global trends in thermal tolerance. Ecology Letters. 20 (1). DOI

Payne, N.L., G. Iosilevskii, A. Barnett, A.C. Gleiss, R.T. Graham, C. Fischer & Y.Y. Watanabe (2016). Great hammerhead sharks swim on their side to reduce transport costs. Nature Communications. DOI

Barnett, A., N.L. Payne, J.M. Semmens & R. Fitzpatrick (2016). Ecotourism increases the field metabolic rate of whitetip reef sharks. Biological Conservation. 199. DOI

Payne, N.L., J.A. Smith, D.E. van der Meulen, M.D. Taylor, Y.Y. Watanabe, A. Takahashi, T.A. Marzullo, C.A. Gray & I.M. Suthers (2016). Temperature-dependence of fish performance in the wild: links with species biogeography and physiological thermal tolerance. Functional Ecology. 30. DOI