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Dr. Nicholas Payne Trinity College Dublin

The Payne Lab

Dr. Nicholas Payne – Assistant Professor

Science Foundation Ireland Starting Investigator 2019-2023
Tel: + 353 1 896 1642
Google Scholar: Nicholas Payne

Research Interests

My research tends to explore the physiological ecology of animals, particularly those in marine ecosystems. An overarching goal of my work is to understand how environmental variation regulates the physiology and movement of animals and in turn, their distributions. I combine field, laboratory, and theoretical approaches, and work on species spanning cephalopods, sharks, tuna, and commercially important teleosts such as salmonids. I often measure the movement, behaviour, and physiology of animals in their natural environments by drawing on exciting new technologies such as animal-borne accelerometers and video cameras. Some of my current research projects examine the thermal biology of diverse ectotherms, fish ecotourism, and animal energetics. Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about my work.