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Simon Benson

School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Building)
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Research Interests

Simon's current research centres on kelp genetic resources in context of biodiversity as well as for more commercial purposes, such as potential biomedical applications. With a background in Botany and as a postgraduate in Biodiversity and Conservation, Simon is interested in processes that affect diversity and functioning of organisms within their environments, usually of primary producers. More broadly his interests include conservation, science communication, sustainability, and evolution.

Previous work included extraction and genetic identification of fungal endophytes in members of the Convolvulaceae, as well as morphological and cytometric identification of hybridisation of invasive Japanese Knotweeds sensu lato in Ireland.

Simon was awarded Trinity College Dublin Scholarship in 2016. His PhD research is part of the SFI funded project; Beyond Biofuel: Advanced seaweed cultivation for marine biodiscovery and climate change mitigation.