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Technical Officer: Quantifying the Impacts of Multiple Stressors on marine benthic resources (QIMS)

Applications are invited for a new 10-month full-time position of Technical Officer to help set-up and test a new marine aquarium system for the Marine Institute Infrastructure grant ‘Quantifying the Impacts of Multiple Stressors on marine benthic resources (QIMS)’ in the Zoology Building at Trinity College. Further details can be found here.

To apply, candidates must follow this link, click on 'vacancies' and then select "Technical Officer" and "School of Natural Sciences" from the dropdown boxes and click on 'search'.

Fully funded 4-yr PhD in Marine Ecology available at TCD

We are seeking an ambitious candidate to undertake a PhD project that will quantify the impacts of multiple stressors on marine benthic resources. This project will test how predicted ocean warming, acidification and nutrient enrichment will affect key ecological processes using our new purpose-built aquarium. For more information click here.

Other opportunities:

We are always very happy to consider applications from excellent and enthusiastic PhD and postdoctoral researchers. If you are interested in pursuing PhD or postdoctoral research in our group, please email us, describing your specific interests and career goals, and attach your CV.

There are several competitive Irish and European awards available (e.g. IRC, Royal Society-SFI Research Fellowships and Marie Curie) that allow people to pursue a PhD or postdoctoral research through scholarships and fellowships. If you feel that you may be competitive enough to get one of these and are interested in the research that we do, then please get in contact.