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Rebecca Rolfe

Rebecca Rolfe, PhD. - Research and Teaching Fellow
Tel: + 353 1 896 3822
Skype: rebecca-rolfe
Research Gate: Rebecca Rolfe

Research profile

Rebecca joined the group as a Research and Teaching Fellow in September 2016. Dr Rolfe began her studies in physiology, graduating from the Physiology Department in Trinity College Dublin. Her interest in Developmental Biology began during her time studying her research masters in Biomedicine in University College London. She undertook her interdisciplinary doctoral research within the Developmental Biology and Bioengineering groups in Trinity College Dublin, examining the identification of genes that respond to mechanical stimulation, during skeletal development. She then continued this interest in how mechanical stimulation influences skeletal development during her Leverhulme funded postdoctoral research in the bioengineering department in Imperial College London, specifically examining the role mechanical stimulation has on spine development.


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Mechanosensitive Gene: Array Express Data

Data generated from Rebecca's PhD studies, shared on public database for use.