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Research Group

Alumni and Past members of the Group

Claire Shea PhD (2017):Project Title: A Mechanistic Basis for the Mechanical Regulation of Skeletal Development 

Anurati Saha MSc. (2016):

Niamh Rudden MSc Molecular Medicine (2015):

Nadine Hennessy MSc Immunology (2015):

Danielle McLaughlin PhD. (2015): The Developmental Origins of Tracheo-Oesophageal Malformations: Investigating the molecular and morphological basis of foregut abnormalities in the Adriamycin treated mice and in a newly established 3D foregut culture system

Rebecca Rolfe PhD. (2015): The mechanical Regulation of Skeletal Development: Identification and characterisation of mechanosensitive genes that contribute to tissue differentiation in bone and joint development

Eoin Redmond MSc Immunology (2014)

Jamie Kelly MSc Molecular Medicine (2014)

Robert McGrath MSc Molecular Medicine (2013)

Piotr Hajduk Ph.D. (2012) Thesis Title: Visualisation of abnormal morphological development and molecular mechanisms that give rise to tarcheo-oesophageal malformations and other VACTERL anomolies in an Adriamycin treated mosue model

Audrey Martin M.Sc. (2011) Thesis Title: Wnt Pathway expression analysis during mouse and chick development

Celine Bourdon, Graduate Student

Karen A. Roddy Ph.D. (2010) Thesis Title: Mechanoregulation of Joint Morphogenesis; Investigating the role of muscle induced mechanical forces in the regulation of differentiation and growth in the avian knee joint.

Suzanne Miller Ph.D. (2009) Thesis Title: Functional Analyses of a Novel Transmembrane Protein, Plxdc2, in the developing nervous system of the chick and mouse

Kristern Summerhurst,  Research Assistant (2004-2008)

Niamh Nowlan Ph.D. (2007) Thesis Title: Mechanoregulation of Bone Formation: From Embryogenesis to Evolution.

Elizabeth O'Brien M.Sc. (2006) Thesis Title: Hormonal Regulation of Nuclear Permeability.

Patrick Frankel M.Sc.(2005) Thesis Title:The Spatial and Temporal Gene Expression Analysis of Secreted Frizzled-Related Proteins in Mouse and Chick Embryos

Undergraduate Students and Project Titles

See here for a list of all past undergraduate student projects.