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Peer-reviewed publications

In press

Quezada-Romegialli, C., Jackson, A.L., Hayden, B., Kahilainen, K., Lopes, C. & Harrod, C. In press. tRophicPosition, an R package for the Bayesian estimation of trophic position from consumer stable isotope ratios. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Sheppard, C.E., Inger, R., McDonald, R.A., Barker, S., Jackson, A.L., Thompson, F.J., Vitikainen, E.I.K., Cant, M.A. & Marshall, H.H. In press. ntragroup competition predicts individual foraging specialisation in a group‐living mammal. Ecology Letters.

Healy, K., Guillerme, T., Kelly, S., Inger, R., Bearhop, S. &amp Jackson, A.L. In press. SIDER: An R Package for Predicting Trophic Discrimination Factors of Consumers Based on their Ecology and Phylogenetic Relatedness. Ecography. doi


Donohue, I., Petchey, O.L., Kéfi, S., Génin, A., Jackson, A.L., Yang, Q. & O'Connor, N.E. 2017. Loss of predator species, not intermediate consumers, triggers rapid and dramatic extinction cascades. Global Change Biology, 23(8), 2962-2972. doi

Kane, A., Healy, K., Guillerme, T., Ruxton, G.D. & Jackson, A.L.. 2017. A Recipe for Scavenging Vertebrates: the natural history of a behaviour. Ecography, 40, 324–334 doi

Jackson, A. D., Jackson, A.L., Fletcher, G., Doyle, G., Harrington, M., Zhou, S. J., Cullinane, F., Gallagher, C. & E. McKone. 2017. Estimating Direct Cost of Cystic Fibrosis Care Using Irish Registry Healthcare Resource Utilisation Data, 2008-2012. Pharmacoeconomics 35(10), 1087-1101 doi


Logo of Ecological Society of America, ESA

Donohue, I., Hillebrand, H., Montoya, J.M., Petchey, O.L., Pimm, S.L., Fowlwer, M.S., Healy, K., Jackson, A.L., Lurgi, M., McClean, D., O'Connor, N.E., O'Gorman, E.J. & Yang, Q. 2016. Navigating the complexity of ecological stability, Ecology Letters, 19(9), 1172-1185. doi. This paper won the Ecological Society of America's Innovations in Sustainability Award in 2017.

Kane, A.D., Healy, K., Ruxton, G.D. & Jackson, A.L. 2016. Body Size as a Driver of Scavenging in Theropod Dinosaurs. American Naturalist, 187(6), 706-716 doi


Kane, A., Jackson A.L., Monadjem, A., Colomer, M. A. & Margalida, A. 2015. Are vulture restaurants needed to sustain the densest breeding population of the African White-backed Vulture? Animal Conservation, 18 (3), 279-286 doi

Poissonier, L-A., Jackson, A.L. & Tanner, C.J. 2015. Bumblebee worker behavior differs according to narcosis method. Insectes Sociaux, 62, 291-298 doi

Silk, M.J., Croft, D.P., Jackson, A.L. & Bearhop, S. 2015. The consequences of unidentifiable individuals for the analysis of an animal social network. Animal Behaviour, 104, 1-11 doi


Mouchi, V., Crowley, Q.C., Jackson, A.L., McDermott, F., Monteys, X., de Rafélis, M., Luis Rueda, J. Lartaud, F. 2014. Potential seasonal calibration for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using skeletal microstructures and strontium measurements from the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa. Journal of Quaternary Science 29(8), 803-814 doi

photograph of vulture coming in to land from front cover of PRSB October Issue

Kane, A., Jackson, A.L., Ogada, D.L., Monadjem, A. & McNally, L. 2014. Vultures acquire information on carcass location from scavenging eagles. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 281 (1793) doi. We made a short video to explain this research and coincide with the press-release.

Phillips, D.L., Inger, R., Bearhop, S., Jackson, A.L., Moore, J.W., Parnell, A.C., Semmens, B.X. & Ward, E.J. 2014. Best practices for use of stable isotope mixing models in food web studies. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 92(10), 823-835 doi

Healy, K., Guillerme, T., Finlay, S., Kane, A., Kelly, S.B.A., McClean, D., Kelly, D.J., Donohue, I.D., Jackson, A.L. & Cooper, N. 2014. Ecology and mode-of-life explain lifespan variation in birds and mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 281(1784) doi


Viana, M., McNally, L., Graham, N., Reid, D. & Jackson, A.L. 2013. Ignoring discards biases the assessment of fisheries' ecological fingerprint. Biology Letters, 9(6), 20130812 doi

Semmens, B.X., Ward, E.J., Parnell, A.C., Phillips, D.L., Bearhop, S., Inger, R., Jackson, A.L., Moore, J.W. 2013. Statistical bias and outputs of stable isotope mixing models: Comment on Fry (2013). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 490, 285-289 doi

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Healy, K., McNally, L., Ruxton, G.D., Cooper, N. & Jackson, A.L. 2013. Metabolic rate and body size are linked with perception of temporal information. Animal Behaviour, 86(4), 685-696 doi. This paper got a lot of media coverage, including BBC news - a fuller list available from Luke McNally and collated in a media book from our press office. It was also highlighted in the editorial of the same issue.

Parnell, A.C., Phillips, D.L., Bearhop, S., Semmens, B.X., Ward, E.J., Moore, J.W., Jackson, A.L. & Inger, R. 2013. Bayesian stable isotope mixing models. Environmetrics, 24(6), 387-399 doi

Wakefield, E.D., Bodey, T.W., Bearhop, S., Blackburn, J., Colhoun, K., Davies, R., Dwyer, R.G., Green, J., Grémillet, D., Jackson, A.L., Jessopp, M.J., Kane, A., Langston, R.H.W., Lescroël, A., Murray, S., Le Nuz, M., Patrick, S.C., Péron, C., Soanes, L., Wanless, S., Votier, S.C., & Hamer, K.C. 2013. Space Partitioning Without Territoriality in Gannets. Science, 341(6141), 68-70 doi

Dawrin Baloney award for "stupid evolution quote of the week"

McNally, L., Jackson, A.L. 2013. Cooperation creates selection for tactical deception. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 280(1762) doi. Some associated media coverage: ABC Science, A nice blog post from Prof Rob Brooks, we even got the attention of some creationists and were awarded a "Darwin Balony medal" (see also my own blog post in reply)... im quite proud of this!

Viana, M., Jackson, A.L., Graham, N. & Parnell, A.C. 2013. Disentangling spatio-temporal processes in a hierarchical system: a case study in fisheries data. Ecography, 36(5), 569-578 doi

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Donohue, I., Petchey, O.L., Montoya, J.M., Jackson, A.L., McNally, L., Viana, M., Healy, K., Lurgi, M., O’Connor, N.E. & Emmerson, M.C. 2013. On the dimensionality of ecological stability. Ecology Letters, 16, 421-429 doi


McNally, L., Brown, S.P. & Jackson, A.L. 2012. Cooperation and the evolution of intelligence. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 279, 3027-3034 doi (Open Access).

Jackson, M.C., Jackson, A.L., Britton, J.R., Donohue, I., Harper, D.M. & Grey, J. 2012. Population-level metrics of trophic structure based on stable isotopes and their application to invasion ecology. PLoS ONE, 7(2), e31757 doi

Tanner, C.J., & Jackson, A.L. 2012. Social structure emerges via the interaction between local ecology and individual behavior. Journal of Animal Ecology, 81(1), 260-267 doi


Tanner, C.J., Salalı, G.D. & Jackson, A.L. 2011. The ghost of social environments past: dominance relationships include current interactions and experience carried over from previous groups. Biology Letters, 23(7), 818-821 doi

Tanner, C.J., & Jackson, A.L. 2011. The combination of social and personal contexts affects dominance hierarchy development in shore crabs (Carcinus maenas). Animal Behaviour, 82(5), 1185-1192 doi

Dermody, B.J., Tanner, C.J. & Jackson, A.L. 2011. The evolutionary pathway to obligate scavenging in Gyps vultures. PLoS ONE 6(9) e24635 doi (Open Access)

Jackson, A.D., Daly, L., Jackson, A.L., Kelleher, C., Marhsall, B.C., Quinton, H.B., Fletcher, G., Harrington, M., Zhou, S., McKone, E.F., Gallagher, C., Foley, L. & Fitzpatrick, P. 2011. Validation and use of a parametric model for projecting cystic fibrosis survivorship beyond observed data: a birth cohort analysis. Thorax, 66, 674-679 doi (Open Access)

Jones, K., Jackson, A.L. & Ruxton, G.D. 2011. Prey jitters; protean behaviour in grouped prey. Behavioral Ecology, 22(4), 831-836 doi

Jackson, A.L., Parnell, A.C., Inger R., & Bearhop, S. 2011. Comparing isotopic niche widths among and within communities: SIBER – Stable Isotope Bayesian Ellipses in R. Journal of Animal Ecology, 80, 595-602 doi

Tanner, C.J., Salalı, G.D. & Jackson, A.L. 2011. Feeding and non-feeding aggression can be induced in invasive shore crabs by altering food distribution. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 65(2), 249-256 doi

Viana, M., Graham, N., Wilson, J.G. & Jackson, A.L. 2011. Fisheries discards in the Irish Sea exhibit temporal oscillations and trends reflecting underlying processes at an annual scale. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68(1), 221-227 doi


Kirwan, P., Jackson, A.L., Asaolu, S.O., Molloy, S.F., Abiona. T.C., Bruce, M., Ranford-Cartwright, L., Neill, S.O. & Holland, C.V. 2010. Impact of repeated four-monthly anthelmintic treatment on Plasmodium infection in preschool children: a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial. BMC Infectious Diseases 10:277 doi (Open Access)

Jackson, A.L., Davies, C.A. & Leyland, A.H. 2010. Do differences in the administrative structure of populations confound comparisons of geographic health inequalities? BMC Medical Research Methodology, 10, 74 doi (Open Access)

Parnell, A.C., Inger R., Bearhop, S. & Jackson, A.L. 2010. Source partitioning using stable isotopes: coping with too much variation. PLoS ONE, 5(3), e9672 doi (Open Access)

Inger, R., McDonald, R.A., Rogowski, D., Jackson, A.L., Parnell, A., Preston, S.J., Harrod, C., Goodwin, C., Griffiths, D., Dick, Elwood, R.W. & Bearhop,S. 2010. Do non-native invasive fish support elevated lamprey populations? Journal of Applied Ecology, 47, 121-129 doi


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Kirwan, P., Asaolu, S.O., Molloy, S.F., Abiona, T.C., Jackson, A.L., Holland, C.V. 2009. Patterns of soil-transmitted helminth infection and impact of four-monthly albendazole treatments in preschool children from semi-urban communities in Nigeria: a double-blind placebo-controlled randomised trial. BMC Infectious Disease, 9:20 doi (Open Access)

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Jackson A.L., O'Neill H., Maree F., Böhmer B., Blignaut B., Carrillo C., Rodriguez L. and Haydon D.T. 2007. The mosaic structure of foot-and-mouth disease virus genomes. Journal of General Virology 88, 487-492 doi


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