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Clinton Haarlem

Project Title:  Variation in the frame rate of visual perception: testing at the margins of human ability

Email: Clinton Haarlem

Address: Zoology Building

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in behaviour and cognition. More specifically, I am interested in inter- and intraindividual differences in the processing of sensory information. How do our senses influence the way we interact with our environment? How much do sensory experiences vary in and between individuals, and in what ways might this variation influence natural selection and evolution?

PhD Research

My PhD project is focused on variation in temporal resolution. Humans on average see the world at 36 “frames per second.” However, this trait varies substantially: some individuals see the world “faster” than others and we know nothing about how normal variation might affect performance. The aim of the project is to develop reliable methods to measure temporal resolution in athletes practicing high-speed sports. Using these measurements, I want to investigate if faster temporal vision provides a performance advantage and whether this trait is fixed or plastic. I also aim to venture into the fields of genetics, neuroscience and psychology, to answer questions such as how heritable this trait is and which underlying brain mechanisms are involved.
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