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The Holland Lab

Professor Celia Holland

Tel: + 353 1 896 1096


Research Interests

I am a parasitologist with a particular interest in the relative contributions of host exposure and susceptibility to parasite intensity from an epidemiological standpoint. This encompasses nutritional, immunological, genetic and behavioural characteristics of the host and aspects of its environment. I have chosen to study these mechanisms in a number of parasite species, in both humans and other animals, in the field and the laboratory.

My particular focus has been on the soil-transmitted nematode Ascaris, which is an important human parasite in the tropics and is also economically significant in pigs and Toxocara canis, which infects dogs but is also a zoonotic infection in humans with a cosmopolitan distribution in both temperate and tropical regions. Both infections are classic neglected diseases that contribute to many unanswered questions!

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Medical Parasitology (Senior Sophister Medicine)
Parasitology (Z03030) (Junior Sophister Zoology and Functional Biology)
Experimental Design and Analysis (Part 1 and 2)(ZO3070) (Junior Sophister Zoology, Functional Biology, Plant Science and Environmental Science)
Tutorials (JS Functional Biology)
Advances in Parasitology (ZO4401) (Senior Sophister Zoology and Functional Biology)
Zoology and Society (ZO4040) (Senior Sophister Zoology)
Contribution to Module in Parasite Immunology, MSc in Immunology