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*trainee in the Farmer laboratory

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Publications of data sets 

*Schachner ER, *Cieri RL, Butler JP, Farmer CG (2013) Data from: Unidirectional pulmonary airflow patterns in the savannah monitor lizard. Dryad Digital Repository.

*Schachner, E.R., Hutchinson, J.R. and CG Farmer. 2013.  PeerJ.  Pulmonary anatomy in the Nile crocodile and the evolution of unidirectional airflow in Archosauria.  Dryad Digital Repository. http://dx.doi:10.5061/dryad.h702r

Selected Honors, Grants, and Publications of Farmer Lab Trainees (not previously listed).  Graduate students (bold), undergraduate students (italics), and postdoctoral fellows (bold italic):

2014  Neumeyer, C.H., Farmer, C.G.  Computing body mass from skeletons using photogrammetric models.  Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology: P1.210
2013 National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology awarded to Adam Huttenlocker to work on characterizing the vascular tree in the long bones of vertebrates.
2013 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship awarded to Robert Cieri to work on patterns of airflow in the lungs of monitor lizards
2012 Bell, A. and Farmer, CG.  The effects of atmospheric gas concentrations on the development of the avian lung.  The University of Utah Undergraduate Research Abstracts 12: 64.
2012 Lassen, K., Taylor, E., Schachner, E., Farmer, CG.  Variation in hindlimb muscle attachment sites in Alligator mississippiensis. University of Utah Undergraduate Research Abstracts
2012 Postdoctoral fellowship ($20,000) awarded to Dr. E. Schachner by the American Association of Anatomists based on research being done in the Farmer lab.
2011 Bain, D., J. Araneo-Yowell, CG Farmer.  Preferred body temperature in alligators exposed to DDE (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane).  The University of Utah Undergraduate Research Abstracts 11: 7.
2011 Barlow, J., T. J. Uriona, CG Farmer.  Contribution of the diaphragmaticus muscle to ventilation in American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) during an active state. The University of Utah Undergraduate Research Abstracts 11: 8.
2011 Hanson BY, Bell AW, Cipriani MA, Schachner ER, Farmer CG.  Environmentally induced phenotypic plasticity in the Japanese Quail (Coturnix corturnix japonica) and its impact on avian evolution. Society Vertebr Paleontol.
2011 Araneo-Yowell J,  Miller M,  Farmer CG. The visual learning ability and effect of temperature on the spatial learning ability of juvenile alligators. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology P2.44.
2011 Minear KJ,  Kurnath P, Farmer CG,  Schachner E. Pulmonary development in American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology P1.60.
2009 Farmer, CG, D. Blatter, B. Lui, D. Stone, B. Wyatt, L. Erickson, C. Davis. "Was the blood gas barrier a constraint on activity metabolism and thereby body size in Mesozoic mammals?"  International Congress of Respiratory Science.
2008 Uriona, TJ and Farmer, C.G.  Examining the role of the diaphragm muscle in American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) and African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) in aquatic locomotion.  TJ Uriona gave an oral presentation at the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.
2008 Uriona, TJ, M. Lyon, and Farmer, C.G.  The importance of the diaphragm muscle to dive time in American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).  M. Lyon presented a poster at the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.
2006 Uriona, TJ and Farmer, C.G. Contribution of the diaphragmaticus muscle to vital capacity in postprandial American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis). Honorable Mention at the First International Congress of Respiratory Biology, Bonn, Germany. Pg. 99.
2006 Broderick, M. and Farmer, CG. An Investigation of Growth Strategies Utilizing American Alligator Growth Rate Data.  20th National Conference on Undergraduate Research 6: 119.
2006 Faisal A., Jones, C.R., Chillson, M., Farmer, CG. Thermoregulation in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis).  20th National Conference on Undergraduate Research 6: 7-8.
2005  Uriona, TJ.  Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)fellowship to study pulmonary morphology of archosaurs in Bonn, Germany.
2003 Baxter; N.B., Dazley, J.S., Savage, C., Farmer, C.G. Apparent Assimilation Efficiency of Various Diets of Juvenile American Alligators, Alligator mississippiensis. Integrative and Comparative Biology: 43:P2.112.
2003  Dazley, J.  2003.  The structure and function of the esophagus of the American alligator.  17th National Conference on Undergraduate Research: P216.
2003 Dazley, J.S., C. Farmer, J. Moore, F. Clayton. Structure and Function of the Esophagus in the American alligator.  University of Utah Undergraduate Research.  UROP 3: 31.
2003 Dazley, J.S., Farmer, C.G., Moore, J, Clayton, F.  Esophageal Structure and Function in the American alligator. Integrative and Comparative Biology: 43:P2.80.
2003 Uriona, T.J. Effect of Blood Flow on the Drive to Breathe during Exercise. 17th National Conference on Undergraduate Research: P234.
2003 Uriona, TJ.  BioURP MiniGrant for undergraduate research
2002 Uriona, TJ.  Pfizer SURF grant for Research.
2002 Uriona, TJ  Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awardee in Biology (COMBO)