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Ian Donohue

Head of Zoology

Email: ian.donohue[at]
Tel: + 353 1 896 1356 

Editor for Ecology Letters
Editor for Global Change Biology

Member of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee

Research Interests

I use theory and experiments to explore how biological networks respond to perturbations. The overarching aim of my research is to understand and predict how key elements of global change alter the functioning and stability of ecosystems.

An important goal of my research is to bridge the gaps between theoretical, empirical and applied ecology. My field research focuses mainly on aquatic ecosystems (both marine and freshwater), although more recently my approach to research combines theory, experimental and observational work in the field and laboratory experiments using multitrophic microbial communities.

Some recent publications

>>full list of publications>>

Microevolution matters! Check out this short video describing our paper recently published in Nature Communications:


*Fundamentals of Ecology (ZOU33010; Junior Sophistor Botany, Environmental Science and Zoology)
*Introduction to Biodiversity (BD7050; MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation)
*Zoology and Society (ZOU44040; Senior Sophistor Zoology)
*Tropical Ecology and Conservation (ZOU44017; Senior Sophistor Botany, Environmental Science and Zoology)

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