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Dr. Anna Mária Csergő

Dr. Anna Mária Csergő

School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Building)
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Email: Dr. Anna Maria Csergo
Tel: + 353 1 896 2780
Website: My personal website

Research interests

I am developing and improving spatially explicit, global models of population performance and persistence across species’ geographic ranges. Recently I have tested the ability of presence-only climate models to predict demographic processes and extinction risk of plant populations worldwide. My current project focuses on how the position and geometry of suitable habitat fragments within a species’ range interact with life history, demography and organismal movement to modulate population persistence patterns.

Selected publications



Csergő AM, Salguero-Gómez R, Broennimann O, Coutts SR, Guisan A, Angert AL, Welk E, Stott I, Enquist BJ, McGill B, Svenning JC, Violle C, and Buckley YM (2017) Less favourable climates constrain demographic strategies in plants.  Ecol. Lett. 20: 969-980 link

Buckley YM, Csergő AM (2017) Predicting invasion winners and losers under climate change. PNAS 2017 114 (16) 4040-4041 link

Coutts SR, Salguero-Gómez R, Csergő AM, and Buckley YM (2016) Extrapolating demography with climate, proximity and phylogeny: approach with caution.  Ecol. Lett. 19 (12), 1429-1438 link

Lee-Yaw, J. A., Kharouba, H. M., Bontrager, M., Mahony, C., Csergő, A. M., Noreen, A. M.E., Li, Q., Schuster, R. and Angert, A. L. (2016), A synthesis of transplant experiments and ecological niche models suggests that range limits are often niche limits. Ecol. Lett. 19: 710–722 link