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Nobel laureate, Professor William C Campbell, returns to Zoology root.


Bill Campbell diseccion kit

Nobel laureate and Trinity alumnus, Professor William C. Campbell, returned to the Zoology Department from which his remarkable scientific career began to hand out three awards to current Zoology students. The awards were established on the back of his Nobel Prize success. Click here to find out who won and what the awards mean to staff and students alike in Zoology.


New Aquarium for Marine Biology research at Zoology!


seaweedNessa funding

We have been awarded a grant of around €200,000 from the Marine Institute to support a new project: ‘Quantifying the Impacts of Multiple Stressors on marine benthic ecosystems -  QIMS’. Work will start soon to build a new experimental platform within Zoology, to test experimentally for effects of ocean acidification, warming, and nutrient enrichment on multiple marine bio-resources, such as shellfish and seaweed. Watch this space for future opportunities for research assistants, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. For more information see TCD news piece here or contact Nessa O'Connor


A tribute to Dr. Frank Jeal


Frank Jeal tribute

It was with much sadness that we marked the passing of Frank Jeal on the 28th of Aug 2017. Frank had been part of the Zoology Department and taught Zoology students for over 50 years and continued to teach until early this year. He will be much missed by us all. RIP Frank. We have put together a booklet of tributes and memories of Frank from colleagues and former students all over the world.
Gwen Deslyper was awarded the Frank Jeal studentship to further her PhD studies in parasite biology. Professor Yvonne Buckley said: “Frank Jeal was passionate about zoology and he inspired and guided 50 years of students at Trinity. It is entirely fitting that this scholarship in his name enables another Trinity Zoology student to further the study of zoology and its benefits for society”. Please click here to read more about Gwen's research.


Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Symposium 2 March 2017


The sixth annual Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Symposium will take place tomorrow (Thursday, 2nd March) from 09:30-18:00 in the Haughton Lecture Theatre, Museum Building. This one-day event will feature talks by postgraduate students from the departments of Zoology and Botany, showcasing their current research. Key note speeches will be delivered by Dr James LaCourse of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Dr Zenobia Lewis of the University of Liverpool. All are welcome to attend! See the Symposium booklet for more details of the event.


Super scavengers and the meat-thieving traits that have stood the test of time

A team of researchers including Dr Kevin Healy and Dr Andrew Jackson of the TCD Zoology department along with former Zoology PhD alumni Dr Adam Kane of UCC and Dr Thomas Guillerme of Imperial College London have recently published research on the scale of scavenging behaviour across species. The research, which was a runner-up in Ecography’s E4 competition, focused on exploring the aspects of ecology and physiology which result in the varying scavenging capacities of different species. The research follows a previous publication from the team on the scavenging abilities of Theropods, such as Tyrannosaurs rex, and focuses on the need to understand the potential importance of scavenging in both living and extinct species not typically considered as scavengers. To find out more follow the link.

Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Symposium 14 April 2016



This Thursday April 14th the 2016 Botany-Zoology Postgraduate Symposium will be taking place in the Botany Lecture Theatre. Postgraduate students from the Botany, Zoology and Geography departments will be presenting their research throughout the day. We are also privileged to be joined by two eminent visiting speakers, Dr Nina Alphey of the University of Oxford and Dr Rob Thomas of Cardiff University.
This is a great chance to catch up on the fascinating research that is happening in the School of Natural Sciences and all are welcome. Click here for the programme and abstracts.


Natural Capital the Key Focus of Professor Yvonne Buckley's Inaugural Lecture



Professor Yvonne Buckley gave her inaugural lecture on “Humans & nature: ecology, technology and landscapes of the future” (23 March 2016) which focussed on how natural capital can be better managed in a changing world. Read the full account of the inaugural lecture here.



Zoology graduate Professor William (Bill) Campbell wins Nobel prize in Medicine 2015 for his work in parasitology


Bill- Nobel

Zoology congratulates our graduate Professor William (Bill) Campbell (BA Zoology 1952) for winning the Nobel prize in Medicine 2015 for his work in parasitology.
All of us in Zoology are immensely proud of Professor Campbell. Bill’s development of the drug Ivermectin has had a massive impact on the world, saving millions from diseases caused by parasites. This award to Bill underscores the impact that zoologists can have upon the world by understanding how animals, parasites and microbes interact and by using that knowledge to develop new ways to tackle human and animal diseases. As a zoologist, Bill was certainly ahead of his time, his research underlines the importance of the very modern concept of ‘One Health’ which promotes an understanding of parasite ecology and its interactions with wild and domestic animals, humans and their environment. This integrated view of zoology is very much in keeping with the training that we give to zoologists today.

Zoological Museum Wins Heritage Award



Trinity College Dublin’s Zoological Museum has been awarded full accreditation by the Museum Standards Programme for Ireland. The museum is the first of its type to receive this prestigious Heritage Council award, which was presented by Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphries TD.

The award represents five years of commitment to improving the care and governance of the Museum’s iconic 200-year-old collection, which includes approximately 25,000 specimens from Ireland and abroad.

The Museum Standards Programme, with participants from a wide range of Irish collecting institutions, sets out to raise standards of care across the cultural spectrum, from national institutions to small, volunteer-led organisations.

The Heritage Council review committee acknowledged that the “…particular strengths of the Museum include a strong ethos for research and for collections care and management, combined with a firm commitment to public engagement. The Museum successfully promotes wider understanding of the significance of the collection and its role in interpreting global conservation issues.”

Zoological Museum Curator, Dr Martyn Linnie, said: “Achieving this standard underpins the great progress we have made in recent years in raising the profile and long-term governance of the collection. It reflects our continued commitment to protect and develop our cultural heritage for students, researchers and the general public. We look forward to welcoming many more visitors.”

Professor of Zoology in Trinity's School of Natural Sciences, Yvonne Buckley, added: “The Museum holds key roles in the School of Natural Sciences for engagement and outreach – as we had over 6,000 visitors in 2014 – and in our teaching programmes. This accreditation and the associated development of policies and standards puts the Museum on a secure and firm footing to continue to operate, expand and diversify its roles in the future.”

“The accreditation comes at a time when we will be extending the opening hours this summer to include weekends, with important opportunities given to current and former students to gain valuable experience running guided tours. We know that these roles have significantly benefitted our students and alumni in their careers and further education plans.”

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Assistant Professor in spatial ecology/spatial environmental biology

The School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin seeks to appoint an Assistant Professor in spatial ecology/spatial environmental biology. Ecology and Environmental Science is a strong and growing area within the School of Natural Sciences. The study of how organisms respond to environmental variability in terrestrial and aquatic habitats is critical to several fields including: predicting and managing species responses to climate change, ecological and environmental determinants of species ranges and environmental decision making. The position will be based in the Zoology discipline in the multi-disciplinary School of Natural Sciences and the successful candidate is expected to undertake research and teaching which cuts across disciplines in the School (Botany, Geography, Geology & Zoology). For enquiries about the position please contact Prof. Yvonne Buckley (Head of Discipline of Zoology) or Prof. Fraser Mitchell (Head of School) . Applications are via the Trinity College Dublin vacancies site. The position description can be found here

Two-year post-doc research positions in Yvonne Buckley’s population ecology research group, Trinity College Dublin.

Three post-doctoral positions in quantitative population ecology, population/landscape genetics, and experimental population ecology are available in Professor Yvonne Buckley’s ecology research group at Trinity College Dublin (see position description attached). The post-docs are two year positions available full- or part-time. You will be part of a team funded by a Science Foundation Ireland grant to develop general predictions of the ecological and evolutionary responses of plant populations to the environment.

Application process for postdoctoral positions:
Send an email to by 30/07/2015 with an attached cv, the names of two referees, a full publication list, and cover letter addressing all of the essential criteria and giving evidence for the desirable criteria which you meet. Use one paragraph of the cover letter to outline your research ambitions through the post-doc. You may apply for more than one of the post-doc positions, please state which position/s you would like to be considered for.

Predicting Winners & Losers from Climate Change


Professor Yvonne Buckley (School of Natural Sciences) has been granted €458,000 over the next two years from Science Foundation Ireland to investigate "Plant population strategy and response to the environment” as part of their ERC Development grant scheme.

She will assess how the environment affects the distribution and population persistence of up to 1000 species worldwide, including species which underpin our pasture based and forestry industries. Prof. Buckley will identify combinations of species traits and environments that predict population performance. This will enable prediction of which species will be “winners” and “losers” from changes in the environment. These predictions will enable management actions to be identified to maintain ecosystem services from agri-environment industries, such as provision of food, building materials and carbon sequestration.

Zoological Society Event

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Dublin University Zoological Society hosted a special alumni event. This was an opportunity for past and present members of the society to share 40 years of Zoological enjoyment.

Many thanks to all who attended, and to those who worked so hard to make the evening such a success!

Students return from new Tropical Ecology Field Course in Kenya

Our senior sophistor students have just returned from the first Tropical Ecology Field Course which took place in Kenya in January 2013. The course ran over eleven days at a variety of locations in Kenya and focused on the ecology and biodiversity of a range of ecosystems, including tropical montane forest, freshwater rivers and lakes, wetlands, saline lakes and grasslands. The course is available to final year students of Environmental Science, Plant Science and Zoology. The aim of the course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles underpinning the ecology of tropical ecosystems.

The Class of 2013 at the equator in Kenya

The class of 2013 at the Equator in Kenya

Dr. John Rochford wins Provost's Teaching Award

One of the six winners of this year's tightly contested Provost's Teaching Awards was Dr John Rochford, the Associate Professor in Wildlife Biology in Zoology. He was also honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his huge service to college for his enormous contribution to every aspect of teaching over the years. He is responsible for many of the innovations in teaching which we all now take for granted, such as anonymous marking and Freshman tutorials, and he also oversaw the modularisation of the Freshman years. He carries an enormous load of co-ordination and organisational administrative duties for the science courses at Freshman level and the degree courses in our School, and carries out those duties to an incredibly high standard. He is a truly inspirational teacher and a very worthy winner of both awards.

John Rochford wins teaching award

Dr John Rochford at the presentation of the Provost's Teaching Awards

Visit to Taiwan by Professor Celia Holland

Professor Celia Holland visited Taiwan from 16-24 March 2013. The focus of her visit was to raise the profile of Human Parasitology and Neglected Tropical Diseases among Taiwanese students, academics and health officials. She gave a series of lectures and seminars at Taipei Medical University, National Taiwan University, Tzu Chi University and Academia Sinica. She also gave a talk to the Taiwan Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on “Neglected Tropical Diseases: an ambitious challenge”. During her visit, she was awarded a Visiting Professorship (2012-2015) by Taipei Medical University (TMU).

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