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Welcome to TCD Zoology

Welcome to the website and homepage for the Department of Zoology, Trinity College Dublin. The Department was established, along with the Chair of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in 1871, and has been in the Zoology building, one of the many listed buildings in TCD, since 1876. Now equipped with new, modern laboratory facilities, the building still hosts part of the original Zoological Museum and collection, which is still used in undergraduate teaching.

Zoology is now a constituent part of the School of Natural Sciences, along with the Departments of Botany, Geography, and Geology, and continues to be one of the most popular undergraduate degree choices in Science at Trinity. TCD Zoology graduates can be found literally all over the world, including a permanent presence in Antarctica (Manahan Peak, named after a 1976 graduate).

The Zoology Department comprises eleven full-time academics, who, along with adjunct staff cover a wide range of zoological interests.

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Last updated 25 May 2015