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Study Abroad (Outgoing Erasmus)


The Erasmus Program is a European Commission initiative which enables and encourages students across Europe to study at another university as part of their degree - the program also seeks to promote European cooperation and to improve the quality of education across national boundaries.

The program is named after the humanist thinker, linguist, and theologian Erasmus of Rotterdam (1465–1536) who taught in many universities in Europe.

All exchanges offer a unique opportunity to broaden your academic experience and to further develop you as a person with a much wider range of skills. Research shows that, following an Erasmus exchange, students are more attractive to employers. Gains in overall capability include enhanced problem solving, more flexible adaptability, better finely-honed organizational skills, and, in personal terms, much greater self-confidence, curiosity, and creativity.
Joint Honors students can spend a whole academic year or a semester in a Spanish university.

ES and BSL students spend the JS year abroad.

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All students interested in going on a non-EU exchange should access the following link