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Postgraduate Funding and Scholarships


There is a range of funding options available to postgraduate students and researchers based at Trinity. Many have specific requirements and are subject to some form of competition. For more information and a list of the funding options available, please visit the College’s Postgraduate Scholarship Page.

For new applicants, the most frequently sought scholarships in our school are the Postgraduate Ussher Fellowships, the Postgraduate Research Studentships and the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships. Each one runs annually and is highly competitive. Therefore an outstanding proposal is required for each one. For the two internal scholarships (Postgraduate Ussher Fellowships, and the Postgraduate Research Studentships), no additional steps are required for new applicants. They simply complete the proposal form as normal and indicate on their application form that they would like to be considered for these scholarships. The deadline for applications each year is 1st April. By this point, a full application for the PhD has to have been made on the system. Applicants will only be considered for the scholarship if their application for the PhD is accepted. For the external award (the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships), the deadline is generally in October. All the schemes require substantial work to create a successful application which will likely take many months of interaction with the prospective supervisor. Therefore, applicants are strongly recommended to start work as early as possible. Any student who is awarded either of the internal awards is required to apply for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship as well.

For existing students, the Postgraduate Research Studentships and Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships are also available. For the Postgraduate Research Studentships, the proposal form must be completed in full and sent to in an email, indicating your student number and that you would like to be considered for the Postgraduate Research Studentships. The deadline for receipt of these completed proposal forms is 1st April each year.


The School every year hosts a number of fully funded Postdoctoral researchers, who pursue an independent research project while being supported by a mentor from within the School. Postdocs are fully integrated into the research community of the School and the university and avail of our excellent research facilities.

Funding for postdoctoral programmes is available from the Irish Research Council which issues an annual call.

For further information on postgraduate study in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies please contact