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Postgraduate Research Studentships

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Studentships (Code 1252)


A number of postgraduate research studentships are made annually to highly qualified candidates to enable them to undertake postgraduate studies at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Studentships are open to new entrants to the full-time Ph.D. register as well as continuing students in a given academic year.

The value of the studentship is a contribution towards maintenance, plus waiver of the annual fee. The maintenance is payable monthly via the Staff Office payroll over twelve months. Applications are assessed competitively, and nominations are made at a Faculty level. As the number of studentships is limited, applicants are strongly advised to apply for all other awards and grants open to them. Candidates are expected to apply for the renewal of any Local Authority Scholarship they may have held as undergraduates. Research Scholarships awarded by the Ministry for Education for Northern Ireland are tenable at Trinity.

Individual Schools, particularly in the Engineering, Mathematics and Science and Health Sciences Faculties may have specific funds at their disposal and candidates, when applying, should enquire as to the availability of such funds.


Normally postgraduate studentships will be made only to applicants who are placed in the first class or the first division of the second class at a moderatorship or final examination or who obtained equivalent status at a final degree examination in a professional subject. However, graduates who are reading for the Ph.D. degree may be eligible if they have already received a Masters degree (excluding the degree of Master in Arts) from the University, irrespective of the class of primary degree received.

Postgraduate Fellowships cannot continue beyond the fourth year on the Ph.D. register.


The Trinity College Dublin postgraduate research studentships are open to graduate students undertaking research in any branch of learning subject to availability of resources and supervision in the chosen area. They are offered subject to the following conditions:

  • the holders must engage in full-time research and must register for a Ph.D. degree in the University of Dublin;
  • holders are required to engage in relevant academic and professional activities as determined by the supervisor. Within such activities, teaching-related activities such as demonstrating are limited to a maximum of six hours per week and are governed by guidelines provided by the Graduate Studies Committee.
  • income received by applicants from other sources (such as private tuition, research funding), can be to the maximum annual income level of €18,000 excluding fees but including the studentship maintenance. The receipt of any additional funding must be notified immediately to the Graduate Studies Office and the Staff Office payroll.


You must make your application for the Ussher award in conjunction with your Ph.D. application. This process is done online using

Continuing students who wish to apply for this postgraduate Award should contact their School directly.

Nominations are considered at various times of the year depending on the School. New applicants are advised to submit their applications as early as possible.