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Entrance Exhibitions (EU Students Only)

Entrance exhibitions are automatically awarded to Junior Fresh (first year) new entrants provided that sufficient merit is shown in public examination results. Each Exhibition is in the form of a book prize. Exhibitioners are invited to attend a ceremony to celebrate this achievement. The schools in which Exhibitioners received their post-primary education are informed.

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You could be your school’s award winning Entrance Exhibitioner!

What is an Entrance Exhibition?

Entrance Exhibition Pamphlet

Entrance Exhibition Pamphlet (Irish translation)

Entrance Exhibitions reward academic achievement of new undergraduate entrants to Trinity College Dublin. They are awarded to the student accepted into the first year of a full-time undergraduate degree programme who achieves the highest points among Trinity entrants from their secondary school.

These awards demonstrate Trinity’s commitment to academic excellence and are a distinctive part of our history. Entrance Exhibitions first came into being in 1870. They were established by Humphrey Lloyd who was an eminent physicist and Provost of Trinity. They were awarded to just 12 students on the basis of a competitive examination covering a wide range of subjects taken in the first year. Since 1985, Entrance Exhibitions have been awarded on the basis of performance in public examinations such as the Leaving Certificate.

Why might I want to become an Entrance Exhibitioner?

If you are awarded an Entrance Exhibition you will join a very long list of eminent Entrance Exhibitioners, many of whom have gone on to make a significant contribution to the economic, cultural, and political life of Ireland and beyond. An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, TD was an Entrance Exhibitioner.

The awards are very much part of the life of the University and each year the names of all the new Exhibitioners are announced at a special reception, hosted by the Provost of Trinity. The names of all the new Exhibitioners are recorded in the College Calendar. Exhibitioners also receive a €150 book token and a certificate.


What do our current Entrance Exhibitioners say?

Sophie Pickering, studying Classical Civilisation and the History of Art and Architecture, from St Andrew’s College Dublin

I was really proud to receive an Entrance Exhibition. I felt it was a recognition of all the hard work I had put into my studies in order to come to Trinity.

Amy Monahan, studying Nanoscience, from St Leo’s College, Carlow

Receiving this award gave recognition to myself, my school and family for two years of hard work, and helped me to feel valued within the college system.

Eilis Farren, studying Clinical Speech and Language Studies, from Loreto Convent, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

I was honored to attend this event a few weeks in to beginning my course. It was great to get the recognition for my results and the ceremony was very enjoyable

Enda Donnellan, studying Pharmacy, from Garbally College, Ballinasloe, Co Galway

I felt proud to be granted an award which reflected hard work and valuable contributions of many people like my family, friends and educators who all played a huge role.


How do I apply for an Entrance Exhibition?

You don’t have to apply for an Entrance Exhibition. Instead we contact you if you are the student accepted into first year who achieves the highest points among Trinity entrants from your secondary school with a minimum of 500 points, excluding bonus points for mathematics.

If there are other students from your school with the same highest points score, you will all be awarded an Entrance Exhibition. Your score must be based on a single sitting/from the same academic year.

The criteria for other EU/EEA students to be eligible for an Entrance Exhibition include:

  • Entrance Exhibitions will be awarded on the basis of ‘best in country’. Eligible candidates will be assessed on the basis of domicile at the time of sitting the examination;
  • To be eligible for an award, applicants must have been resident in the EU/EEA for the three years prior to entry;
  • Entrance Exhibitioners should be required to achieve a minimum of 500 points, including the bonus points for mathematics;
  • Students from the same country with the same points score, and being the highest points score from that country, should all be awarded an Entrance Exhibition;
  • All examination results must be achieved at the same sitting for scoring purposes.

What is a Sizarship?

If you are an Entrance Exhibitioner, you might also be eligible to be a ‘Sizar’ and to have your evening meal in Trinity free of charge during your first and second year. Sizarships have been a part of the College’s history for much longer than Entrance Exhibitions, dating back to the 17th century. Oliver Goldsmith, novelist and playwright, was a Sizar, along with a number of past Provosts of the College.

Applications for Sizarships are made to our Academic Registry before 15th October each year (please contact
Further scholarships and awards are available if you take special exams, as are other financial supports to students. You can check these out at

Download the Sizarship application form 

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