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Student Experience

As part of the Department of Hispanic Studies at Trinity, I have benefited immensely from a leading programme of undergraduate study, deepening my knowledge of culture, history, literature and language. The dual emphasis on language and culture provides a truly multi-faceted educational experience. The Department offers an intimate academic environment and fosters a supportive network of students and staff. This approach also privileges small-group teaching and the close reading of texts, with ample guidance and input from lecturers. In addition, through one-on-one consultation with such academics, this course has allowed me the flexibility to develop my own research interests at undergraduate level, as part of my final year dissertation. The Department also understands the importance of career guidance and takes an active role in assisting students in such matters. Spanish at Trinity, while both challenging and rewarding, offers essential critical skills, a nurturing environment, and endless opportunities. Philip McGuinness, TSM (History and Spanish, 2019)

The four-year Two-Subject Moderatorship degree in French and Spanish gave me the opportunity to immerse myself not only in these languages but also in their respective literatures and cultures. Although I began the Spanish degree as a complete beginner, the high standard of teaching and the variety of modules on offer encouraged me to major in Hispanic Studies. I learned about Spanish and Latin American language, history and culture through literature and film. I also developed practical skills in literary translation, textual analysis, academic essay writing, and oral presentations. My passion for the subject led me to pursue a research-based postgraduate degree in Hispanic Studies. My time at Trinity has proved an unforgettable experience at all levels and I cannot recommend studying Spanish highly enough. Deirdre Kelly, TSM (French & Spanish), Ph.D. candidate (2016).

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning Spanish at Trinity as part of a Two-Subject Moderatorship (TSM) degree which gave me the chance to closely study the Spanish and Latin American cultures through the written and verbal language, literature, translation and history. The high quality of teaching, and overwhelming support from lecturers, combined with small intimate classes, meant that each student had the opportunity to actively participate in class, and receive individual attention, creating for us a learning experience that encouraged us to perform to the best of our ability. My Erasmus experience in the University of Granada was one of the highlights of my time in Trinity and was invaluable in developing my language skills and networking capability. I really enjoyed writing my dissertation, with access to extraordinary resources and rare books. Siona Wu Murphy (TSM: Spanish & Classics, 2016).

My experience has been challenging and extremely rewarding. The lectures have been interesting and varied - the passion and knowledge of each lecturer was very evident. My Erasmus year at Salamanca University was a demanding and truly enjoyable experience. In my final year the process of research and writing of the dissertation has been a major highlight. Isabel Cobb, TSM (World Religions and Theology & Spanish, 2015)

I have very fond memories of my time with the Spanish Department at Trinity College. As it is traditionally quite small in terms of student numbers, I found the atmosphere to be very friendly and welcoming. Additionally, the support from Lecturers was consistent throughout my four years of study and I felt I could go to them with any concerns or if I needed any extra support. I was really impressed with the module opportunities presented by the department, which offered a broad range for each year, catering for many interests, from History and Politics to Literature. I chose Spanish as my major subject as I valued the variety of options. The Department has a number of links with top Spanish universities and, although I elected to spend a summer in Argentina, my friends all told me how helpful the department had been while they were in Spain on their Erasmus exchange programme, and how they had thoroughly enjoyed their time abroad. In this close-knit and friendly department the teaching staff consistently supported me throughout my years at Trinity, and I really appreciated above all the help and encouragement I received while preparing my final year dissertation. Susannah Bottriell, TSM (French & Spanish, 2015).