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Our Research

We are committed to excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching which brings together the study of language, literature, history, and culture. To that end we actively engage in the organization of international conferences which not only establish links with other researchers and institutions but offer opportunities to our students to engage with a wide range of topics in Hispanic Studies. Our interests cover a variety of themes:

  • Linguistics
  • Medieval Literature
  • Sephardic Diaspora
  • Cervantes and the Picaresque Novel
  • Arbitrismo
  • 16th, 17th History of Ideas, Culture, and Literature
  • Representations of America in Spanish Enlightenment literature
  • Poetics of Exile
  • Censorship and Cultural Resistance (Latin America and Spain)
  • Cuban Studies (exile, migration, and 'diaspora' studies)
  • Cuban Film and Representations of Cuban Society post 1959
  • Modern Spanish Poetry and Drama (particularly 1939-1975)
  • Cultural Memory: language, literature, oral history, identity
  • The Law and Cultural Production during Franco's Regime
  • Central America and Caribbean Studies
  • Translation Studies