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Research Facilities

The TCD Botanic Gardens and Herbarium are two major research and teaching infrastructural facilities run through the Botany Discipline. The Discipline also makes extensive use of a range of facilities across the School, especially the analytical facilities maintained in the Centre for the Environment and the Geochemistry Unit as well as museum collections and libraries maintained by the different disciplines. The Botany Discipline also runs three vehicles that are used to facilitate field based teaching and research.

Other facilities tend to be clustered around research groups. The list below is not exhaustive but is intended to highlight the range of facilities available.

Ecophysiology (PIs Mike Williams and Matthew Saunders)
Controlled environment growth chambers on campus; Greenhouses on campus in addition to those at the Botanic Gardens; A wide range of equipment for ecophysiological measurement in the laboratory and in the field, including eddy covariance systems, portable infrared gas analysers for plant and soil measurements and weather stations.

Systematics (PIs John Parnell, Trevor Hodkinson and Steve Waldren)
Extensive national and international collections in the Herbarium and Botanic Gardens; Fully equipped molecular laboratory including a sequencer.

Ecology (PIs Fraser Mitchell and Jane Stout)
Wide range of equipment for field survey of vegetation, invertebrates and soils; Wet lab for plant identification and soil analysis; Palaeoecology lab for analysis of sediments including a range of coring equipment and boats.

Last updated 7 October 2016