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Courses are examined by a combination of continuous assessment and formal examination.

Examination Dates 2016/17

29 August - 9 September 2016 Supplemental Examination Period
20 September 2016 Publication of Supplemental Examination Results
Friday 23rd September 2016 Court of First Appeal
09 January 2017 Foundation Scholarship Examinations
10 April 2017 Publication of Foundation Scholarship Examination Results
01 May - 26 May 2017 Annual Examination Period
13 June 2017 Publication of Sophister Annual Examination Results
20 June 2017 Publication of Freshman Annual Examination Results
TBC Court of First Appeal

Examination Timetables

The responsility for establishing the dates, times and venues of examinations/term tests lies with the student and can be done by consulting the timetables. Under no circumstances should students arrange to be away from College during these times.

Examination Conventions

A students' overall grade for his or her year is determined by the PPES Court of Examiners. The Court of Examiners uses a set of conventions to determine the grade to be awarded for a particular set of marks. These conventions are guidelines only, and the Court of Examiners meeting always makes the final decision. The PPES conventions will be available in advance of the examinations from this website.

For further information please consult the College Calendar.

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Foundation Scholarship

PPES candidates are examined in the subjects of their course up to the end of Michaelmas term of the Senior Freshman year. For more detailled information on the Scholarship Examination, PPES-specific information and the papers per discipline, please check Indepth explanation of the papers per discipline (PDF, 174KB). If this document does not provide sufficient information, please contact Departments/Departmental course handbooks direct.


Students who consider that illness may prevent them from attending an examination (or any part thereof) should consult their medical adviser and request a medical certificate for an appropriate period. If a certificate is granted, it must be presented to the student's tutor and the relevant departmental office within three days of the beginning of the period of absence from the examination. The tutor must immediately forward the certificate to the Senior Lecturer's Office. Medical certificates must state that the student is unfit to sit examinations. Medical certificates will not be accepted in explanation for poor performance.

Students who are granted an excused absence for mid-year tests on the basis of a medical certificate will not be penalised in terms of their annual examination result. However, as no marks can be carried forward to the annual examination, student will have their final exam count for a larger percentage of their mark.

Medical certificates will not be accepted in explanation for poor performance.

For further information please consult the College Calendar.

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