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TRiSS PhD Researchers


Discipline Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Contact Supervisor
Economics Aishwarya Deshpande Essays on learning and decision-making in behavioral development economics ADESHPAN@TCD.IE Michael King
Sociology Alexander Polkey The processes and politics of deskilling and reskilling among 'new' EU migrants Elaine Moriarty
Economics Alexis De Saint-Lager Rethinking the Role of Discretionary Fiscal Policy as a Macroeconomic Stabilization Tool: Lessons from Japan Joseph Kopecky
Political Science Amelie Freiberg Conflict research, specifically explaining and predicting socialisation patterns by insurgent groups in connection to sexual violence committed by those groups Dino Hadzic
Social Work Social Policy Amy Stapleton What Will I Do After I Blow Out My 18 Candles? A PAR Investigation of Separated Young People's Transition Experiences in Northern France Paula Maycock
Political Science Andrej Cvetić The impact of the success of right-wing populist parties on support for democracy among Muslims in Europe Gizem Arikan
Business Anna Devlin Imagining Ireland's economic future 1893-1923. Frank Barry and Anne Dolan
Education Annmarie Collins

Carmel O'Sullivan  
Economics Bhavya Shrivastava Financial inclusion, women empowerment, and social protection Michael King
Political Science Caesar Zhang Money, Guns, and Training: How do different sources of funding and resources affect civilian control and military effectiveness? Jesse Dillon Savage
Political Science Callum Craig Collective Victimhood Narratives in US Legislative Debates and Cable News Constantine Boussalis
Economics Doireann O'Brien The role of environmental issues in European elections. Assessing whether European elections establish an electoral connection based on these issues.
Economics Elijah Kipchumba Gender and Intrahousehold Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Selim Gulesci
Economics Enrico Cavallotti Essays in Political Economy: Perceptions and the Role of Media Gaia Narciso
Economics Eugenia Frezza Essays in Applied-Microeconomics and Development. Currently working on two distinct projects: the impact of the internet penetration on gender norms in Africa, and the impact of resource windfalls on education and labor supply in Bangladesh. Alejandra Ramos and Selim Gulesci
Economics Flavia Pellegrini Development Economics - Migration, Social Protection and Climate Change Gaia Narciso
Economics Giorgia Conte Macroeconomic policy and demographics Joseph Kopecky
Sociology Hannah Bowman
Economics Hannah Ortega McCormack Applied Microeconometrics - Political and Public Economics Francis O'Toole
Economics Iris Wohnsiedler Collective Action and the Labour Movement - Essays in Economic History Marvin Suesse
Political Science Jack O Neill Investigating MNE lobbying strategy before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic Raj Chari
Political Science Jan Liedtke
Business Jiangtao Xie
Economics Libor Melioris
Political Science Lily Rice Analysing the link between identity, political theory and violence Raj Chari
Education Lisa O'Keeffe Carmel O'Sullivan
Economics Louisa Roos Applied Microeconomics - Feminist and Labour Economics Gaia Narciso
Political Science Lucas Da Silva The effects of labour party cultural positions on working-class voter behaviour Constantine Boussalis and Jan Berz
Political Science Marina Schenkel The Effect of Populism on Health Emergencies: Explaining Variation in Government Responses to COVID-19 Constantine Boussalis
Political Science Markéta Odlová Minorities and the Army: The Effects of Conscription on Social Identity and its Implications for Political Engagement. Jesse Dillon Savage
Economics Matteo Pograxha Essays in Media Economics Davide Romelli
Economics Maximilian Günnewig-Mönert Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, Economic History. Currently working on: the long run effects of public housing on racial residential segregation Ronan Lyons
Economics Mide Griffin Gaia Narcisso
Economics Mike McRae Development, Politics and Media Carol Newman and Tara Mitchell
Economics Naomi Crowther Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Development – Post-Conflict Land Restitution and Reintegration, and Gender Carol Newman
Business Neil Lowndes Na Fu
Economics Nouf Abushehab

Essays in Development Economics Michael King
Sociology Rodolfo Pezzi Exploring Societal Dynamics: From Educational Disparities to Covid-19 Impacts Yekaterina Chzhen
Economics Roland Umanan Essays in Behavioral and Development Economics Michael King
Economics Simone Arrigoni International Macroeconomics - the effect of structural reforms on income and wealth inequality from an international perspective and particularly looking at the capital flows reform dimension Agustín S. Bénétrix and Davide Romelli
Political Science Sinead Harrington
Political Science Sofia Jesus
Economics Talent Nesongano Trade Liberalisation, Firm Dynamics and Labour Market Outcomes Marvin Suisse and Carol Newman
Political Science Valeria Babayan Bringing culture back in: Why some legacies outlive others? Noah Buckley

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