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TRiSS PhD Researchers


Discipline Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Contact Supervisor
Economics Alexis De Saint-Lager TBC
Economics Alexis Gaona Albito Long run development in Latin America, looking at the channels of technology and education difussion. My approach combines both economic history methologies and modern econometrics tools.
Political Science Amelie Freiberg Explaining variation in sexual violence in civil war: Understanding patterns of combatant socialisation Dino Hadzic
Economics Andre Sanchez Pacheco International Macroeconomics - Capital flows, sudden stops and exchange rates. Agustín Bénétrix
Political Science Andrej Cvetić The impact of the success of right-wing populist parties on support for democracy among Muslims in Europe Gizem Arikan
Business Anna Devlin Imagining Ireland's economic future 1893-1923. Frank Barry and Anne Dolan
Economics Anu Puthenmadathil Jose Development Economics-Models is Intrahousehold Decision Making.

Michael King  
Economics Angelos Athanasopoulos Central bank institutional design and communications, macro-finance and the role of credit in the business cycle, and economic history Davide Romelli
Sociology Arnie Cordero Trinidad Translocality and the Class Experiences of Filipino Nurse Migrants in Ireland. Daniel Faas
Political Science Audrey M. Plan The European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice, in particular how their relations affect the coherence of the European Human Rights Regime William Phelan
Economics Beren Demirölmez The role of currency exposures on net foreign asset dynamics. Does currency exacerbate or reduce the negative effects of exchange rate shocks? Agustín S. Bénétrix
Political Science Christian Oswald Factors which explain and predict the timing and location of terrorist attacks in conflict zones. Thomas Chadefaux
Political Science Clara Faulí Molas The role of environmental issues in European elections. Assessing whether European elections establish an electoral connection based on these issues. Emanuel Coman
Economics Danish Us-Salam Essays in Development Economics Andrea Guariso
Political Science Đorđe Milosav Affecting State Legitimacy from Abroad. The effects of visa policies on citizens' willingness to obey the state Michelle D'Arcy
Political Science Eman Abboud The political determinants of migration, specifically how the political dynamics within countries influence individual migration decisions Michele D'Arcy
Economics Enrico Cavallotti Political economy, migration, crime and media. Gaia Narciso and Nicola Mastrorocco
Economics Eugenia Frezza Essays in Applied-Microeconomics and Development. Currently working on two distinct projects: the impact of the internet penetration on gender norms in Africa, and the impact of resource windfalls on education and labor supply in Bangladesh. Alejandra Ramos and Selim Gulesci
Economics Federico Fabio Frattini Applied Microeconometrics - Political and Public Economics Nicola Mastrorocco
Economics Féidhlim McGowan How do biases in numerical cognition affect consumer decision making? A series of experimental investigations Eleanor Denny and Pete Lunn
Economics Francesco Barilari Political economy, applied microeconomics and economic history. Currently working on: changes in political polarization in the US, in the aftermath of a politically salient and divisive phenomenon: mass shooting event. Nicola Mastrorocco
Economics George Jacob The effects of intimate partner violence on skill formation Alejandra Ramos
Economics Giorgia Conte Macroeconomic policy and demographics Joseph Kopecky
Economics Iris Wohnsiedler Investigating the effects of trade exposure on female labour market outcomes in both developing and developed countries empirically. Marvin Suesse
Political Science Jack O Neill Investigating MNE lobbying strategy before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic Raj Chari
Economics Juan Duran Determinants and effects of spatial income segregation in developing economies Martina Kirchberger
Sociology Julia Leesch Analysing why the relationship between changing patterns of educational assortative mating and economic inequality is weak. Jan Skopek
Economics Laura Muñoz Blanco Development Economics- Internal forced displacement and welfare Nicola Mastrorocco
Economics Louisa Roos Feminist Economics Gaia Narciso
Political Science Lucas Da Silva Party Positioning, Issue Framing, and Right-wing Workers: Explaining Voting that Contradicts Economic Interests Jan Berz
Political Science Markéta Odlová Minorities and the Army: The Effects of Conscription on Social Identity and its Implications for Political Engagement. Jesse Dillon Savage
Economics Maximilian Günnewig-Mönert Historical Housing Prices in North America Ronan Lyons
Political Science Miceal Canavan Analysing the link between identity, political theory and violence
Economics Naomi Crowther Land restitution and its impacts on human and physical capital accumulation in Colombia, and more broadly on intergenerational mobility. Carol Newman
Business Neng Zhao Stock liquidity and its use in different types of companies Jenny Berrill
Economics Paul Blanchard

Development Economics - Climate, Poverty and Human Mobility Prof. Martina Kirchberger 
Economics Roland Umanan Development Economics- Financial Sector Development, Banking, and Using Behavioural insights to enhance financial inclusion and consumer protection Michael King
Political Science Samuel Johnston European Politics - Radical right and ethnoregional political parties in contemporary Europe
Economics Simone Arrigoni Essays in International Macroeconomics and Inequality Agustín S. Bénétrix and Davide Romelli
Economics Vincent Thorne The impact of different social structures and organisations on economic outcomes and the provision of public goods in developing countries. Emanuel Coman
Business Xianwu Zhang Management of Professional Service Firms, especially on HR Flexibility of law firms Na Fu

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