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Andrej Cvetic

PhD Candidate, Political Science

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Doctoral Thesis Summary

In my thesis I study how electoral success of populist right-wing parties influences political integration of Muslims in Western Europe. In studying political integration, I focus on attitudes, political trust and forms of political participation. Relying on Social Identity Theory I construct and test novel mechanisms that populist right-wing electoral success influence political integration outcomes by increasing levels of perceived discrimination and anxiety among Muslims. I utilize existing high-quality data from general and panel surveys and collect novel data through online surveys. In testing proposed mechanisms, I employ strong causal inference designs such as difference-in-difference and experiments. Thesis is done under supervision of Dr. Gizem Arikan.   

Academic Biography

At the moment, I am finishing my first year of Ph.D. course in political science at Trinity College Dublin. Previously I earned Master’s degrees in Sociology and International Security from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. My research interests encompass political behaviour and political psychology with the focus on immigrant integration and political effects of perceived discrimination and anxiety. I also have a keen interest in causal inference and experimental methods. My previous work in gender studies is also available online. Currently, I serve as a Book Review Editor of the Journal of Regional Security and external researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (University of Belgrade, Serbia).  


Batričević, Milica and Andrej Cvetić. 2016b. “Uncovering an A: Asexuality and Asexual Activism in Croatia and Serbia.” In Intersectionality and LGBT Activist Politics: Multiple Others in Croatia and Serbia, edited by Bojan Bilić and Sanja Kajinić, 77-103. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.