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TRiSS Travel Bursaries

Thank you to those who applied for a TRiSS Travel Bursary - January 2024. We are pleased to be announcing the succesful recipients below.

There is one final round of Travel Bursaries for the 2023/24 Academic Year. We will be opening the call at the beginning of April. Please visit this page in April for further details. We will also be sending out information to the PhD Admin officer in your School/Discipline.

To date, we have awarded Travel Bursaries to 37 candidates, totalling over €23,000. Please click on the names below to see where the students have travelled to for their conferences.

January 2024 Recipients

Name Department/School
Emily Cunniffe School of Law
Giorgia Conte Department of Economics
Louisa Roos Department of Economics
Markéta Olová Department of Political Science
Max Guennerwig-Moenert Department of Economics
Michael McRae Department of Economics
Qusai Khraisha School of Psychology
Shane Hayden-Smyth Trinity Business School
Yihe Weng School of Psychology

October 2023 Recipients

Name Department/School
Agnieszka Pedrak School of Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences
Amanda Mathieson School of Education
Anna Gillman School of Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences
Elijah Kipchumba Department of Economics
Rachel Wilkowski School of Religion, Theology and Peace Studies
Amelie Freiberg Department of Political Science 
Li Shihua School of Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences
Rose Doolan Maher School of Social Work and Social Policy

May 2023 Recipients

Name Department/School
Alexandru Gociu School of Law
Amelie Freiberg Department of Political Science
Callum Craig Department of Political Science
Caroline Lund Department of Economics
Claudia Peroni Department of Sociology
Feng Deng School of Psychology
Huiqing Hu School of Psychology
Laura Berry Trinity Business School
Marina Schenkel Department of Political Science
Melda Hasiloglu Ciftciler Trinity Business School
Mengxuan Li Department of Sociology
Merve Ataman Devrim School of Psychology
Natnicha Boonyananth School of Psychology
Qing Qi School of Psychology
Rodolfo Pezzi Department of Sociology
Salam Jabbour School of Psychology
Sarah Coughlan School of Psychology
Seyma Celik Department of Sociology
Simone Arrigoni Department of Ecopnomics
Xining Wang School of Education

Further information

The TRiSS Travel Bursaries are awarded to postgraduate research students, with a value of up to €750, for the following purposes, which roughly form an order of preference:

  • Travel to participate in academic meetings with personal presentation of the results of their research
  • Travel to engage in research relevant to their project and to collect material/information for incorporation in their own theses
  • Participation in an academic meeting without presentation of research
  • Participation in a training course or workshop