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Markéta Odlová

PhD Candidate, Political Science






I am currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. In my dissertation, I am researching the connections between the military, gender, ethnicity, and colonialism. More specifically, my focus is on the determinants of ethnically selective military conscription and the impacts of military institutions on political and civic engagement among ethnic minorities and women. I am conducting a comparative global analysis, with a particular emphasis on the case of Israel/Palestine. In my research, I employ a mixed methods approach, incorporating both statistical analysis and qualitative analysis based on original in-depth interviews conducted during my fieldwork to Israel/Palestine in the summer of 2023.

During the entire PhD, I also serve as a teaching assistant for undergraduate modules offered by the Department of Political Science.

I hold an MA in International Relations from Charles University in Prague and a BA in Political Science and European Studies from Palacky University in Olomouc. Additionally, I have completed an international program at the University of Haifa. Before starting the PhD, I gained valuable experience in private sector and in diplomacy.

Research interests

Civil-Military Relations
Gender and Ethnic Relations, Policies, and Identities
Political Engagement and Participation
Social Identity and Group Dynamics
Middle Eastern Societies and Politics
The Druze Community
Qualitative Research Methodology (fieldwork, interviews)
Quantitative Research Methodology


“The Nation-State Law: The End of Israeli-Druze Friendship? “Mezinárodní Politika, 25 January 2019. Available online in Czech language:

Grants and Awards

2023 Dermot McAleese Teaching Award, Trinity College Dublin
2022 TRiSS Postgraduate Research Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin
2020 Provost PhD Award, Trinity College Dublin
2019 Award of M. R. Stefanik, Charles University Prague
2016 The Government of Israel MFA Scholarship for Foreign Students