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Associated Researchers

Below is a list of researchers at Trinity who are concerned with topics relating to international development. The researchers are categorised according to their School. Affiliations with Institutes and Centres are noted in brackets.
Faculties Name Interest Areas
School of Natural Sciences Dr Susan Murphy (TIDI Director)
  • International Political Theory
  • Global Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Gender and Social Inclusion
  Prof Padraig Carmody (& IIIS)
  • Globalisation in Africa
  • Impact of the rise of China on Africa
  • Impact of the BRICS on Africa
  • Politics of land ownership in the developing world
  • Deographies of finance
  Dr Martin Sokol
  • Post-socialist transformations
  • Geographies of finance
  • Geographies of knowledge economies
  Prof Nicholas Gray (& Trinity Centre for the Environment)
  • Climate change
  • Sanitary Engineering & Wastewater treatment
  Dr Celia Holland
  • Parasitology (Ascaris, Helminthology & Soil-transmitted nematodes)
School of Biochemistry and Immunology Dr Derek Nolan
  • African trypanosomes
  • African sleeping sickness
School of Business Prof Frank Barry (& IIIS)
  • Foreign direct investment & corporation tax matters
  • International trade and economic geography
  Prof Louis Brennan (& IIIS)
  • International Business and Global Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management and Operations Strategy
School of Ecumenics Dr Gillian Wylie
  • Human trafficking
  • International politics and norms in international relations
  • Global civil society
  • Gender, peace and security
  Dr Etain Tannam
  • United Nations
  • European Union
  • International Relations theory
  • Northern Ireland/British-Irish relationship
  Dr Carlo Aldrovandi
  • The role of religion and secularism in international relations theory
  • The influence of religion in US, Israeli and Iranian politics
  • Approaches and methods of faith-related conflict resolution and peacemaking in Palestine
  • The paradoxes of democratic governance during national emergencies and their impact on human rights values and norms
  • The relationship between religious ethics and secular human rights
  Dr Brendan Ciaran Browne
  • Youth transition in conflict
  • Growing up in Palestine
  • Irish Republican and Palestinian Commemoration
  • Conducting research in conflict zones
School of Engineering Prof Bruce Misstear
  • Groundwater vulnerability and contamination
  • Recharge and reliable yields of groundwater sources
  • Air pollution monitoring and evaluation
  Dr Laurence Gill
  • Wastewater treatment using subsoil and stratified sand filters
  • Solar disinfection of waste water
  • Water Monitoring, Quality, Treatment
  Dr Anthony Robinson
  • Off grid electrical generating devices for remote regions of the developing world
School of Law Dr Rosemary Byrne (& IIIS)
  • Human Rights and international law
School of Medicine Dr Frédérique Vallieres (& Centre for Global Health)
  • Application of psychology to Global Health
  • Human Resources for Global Health Management
  Dr Concepta Merry
  • Role of pharmacology (genomics/kinetics & economics) in optimising outcomes for HIV infected individuals in the resource limited setting
  Dr Derek Doherty
  • Immunology (applied to study of HIV)
  Dr Martina Hennessey
  • HIV and nutrition
  Dr Ogenna Uduma (& Centre for Global Health)
  • Human Resources in healthcare in the developing world
School of Nursing and Midwifery Dr Fintan Sheerin
  • Global Health
  • Disability
School of Social Science and Philosophy Dr Anne Holohan
  • Globalization
  • Migration
  • Networks of information and communication technologies
  Dr Carol Newman
  • Development Economics
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Applied Microeconometrics
  • Household/Individual Behaviour
  • Firm Behaviour
  Dr David Landy
  • Human rights discourse
  • Diaspora and migration
  • Zionism and anti-Zionism; and Israel/Palestine
  Dr Gaia Narcisso
  • Migration networks and remittance flows to developing countries
  Dr Michael King
  • Financial Inclusion and Financial Sector Development
  • Policy coherence for development
  Dr Michelle D'Arcy
  • Democracy and state-building in African countries
  Dr Tara Mitchell
  • Agricultural economics in developing countries
School of Social Work and Social Policy Prof Robbie Gilligan
  • Refugee/Immigrant Services
  • Migration