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The Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI) was established in 2007 by researchers at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to maximise the university's contribution to understanding and addressing the major global development challenges of our time through research, teaching and outreach activities.

Through a vibrant outreach programme, TIDI raises awareness among the wider community of development issues and of TCD's role in addressing these global development challenges.

As a college-wide initiative involving all three faculties and multiple disciplines, TIDI is now regarded as the hub of international development in Trinity College Dublin. TIDI forms an overarching structure to coordinating and promoting International Development research and education at Trinity and is a key enabler in attracting world class researchers and collaborators to Trinity and in giving visibility to and engaging with stakeholders and policymakers. With 70+ research projects and 40+ courses with development content at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Trinity has a strong and long standing tradition of excellence in the fields of development research and education.


TIDI's vision is that TCD will be internationally renowned for excellence in development research and education and for the provision of practical solutions to real-world challenges.


  1. Promote and raise the profile of TCD’s research in international development.
  2. Enhance the quality and quantity of research on international development across a wide range of disciplines.
  3. Increase the number and enthusiasm of students at all levels and from both (the global) North and South, learning and undertaking research on international development.
  4. Undertake outreach activities to promote the above and to:     
    • Deepen and increase the number of teaching and research partnerships with universities and other institutions in low- and middle-income countries.
    • Increase understanding by the public, government and other stakeholders of the issues and the existing state of knowledge.
  5. Firmly establish TIDI as a valued and sustainable resource for all those working on, or interested in, international development at TCD, and a point of engagement for external stakeholders.