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International Development Research

TCD has 21 priority research themes, covering the broad range of disciplines taught and researched across college. Full information about all TCD’s research themes may be found here.

As an initiative, TIDI is a fundamental part of TCD's commitment to International Development. The International Development Research Theme at Trinity College focuses on three clusters of research:

  1. Health through the Centre for Global Health whose primary focus is on strengthening health systems in low and middle income countries, as well as building capacity in education and research in health.
  2. Technology through the use of science and engineering to both identify and provide appropriate solutions to many of the fundamental problems facing the poor and marginalized members of society in developing countries. Strengths include research into access to clean water and good sanitation, sustainable agriculture and alternative sources of energy
  3. Social Protection and Justice which focuses on examining the many dimensions of poverty, under-development and justice in developing countries and the related policy and institutional responses.