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TIDI/CONTEXT Global Mental Health Series 2019

The Centre for Global Health with the support of the Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI), and the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin invites you to the 2019 CONTEXT Seminar Series.

Series 1: ‘Breaking the Silence of Sexual Violence’

The experience of sexual violence can have a profound effect on the mental health of an individual. Despite the negative impact of sexual violence on psychological wellbeing, victims tend to seek professional help at typically lower rates. Multiple factors affect an individuals ability to seek help in the aftermath of sexual violence. This talk will look at the impact of factors from the individual level including feelings of guilt, shame and self-blame to cultural factors such as victim blaming and stigma. It will also look at the facilitators that encourage the use of sexual assault services and how these facilitators can be fostered. Finally, sexual assault service utilization will be viewed through a cultural lens, looking at the barriers and facilitators experienced in other cultures as well as interventions employed to remedy low service engagement. 

Date: Wednesday 23 January 2019

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Location: The Global Room, Watts Building, Trinity College

Speaker: Catherine Walshe, Doctoral Researcher, CONTEXT

Chair: Noeline Blackwell (human rights lawyer and CEO Dublin Rape Crisis Centre)

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